Software of 'Kate Saver'

Free Magic Waterfall Screensaver 1.0
Waterfalls are the most magical things in the world. The enchanting sparkling currents of water cascading down cliffs and over rocks fascinate you at first sight. Download it now and put the magic of Nature on your desktop!
Freeware | 9.03 Mb | 2006-06-09
Friends Show Screensaver 1.0
Our excellent Friends Show Screensaver is for all fans of this hilarious American sitcom. You miss your favorite characters? Want to see them all again?
Freeware | 7.38 Mb | 2008-07-10
Free Amazing Fireworks Screensaver 1.0
This screensaver is really something magical! Just put it on your desktop and you will immediately be immersed into the atmosphere of a real holiday! Celebrate Christmas, Halloween, the Fourth of July, etc. and have your own fireworks show!
Freeware | 7.87 Mb | 2006-10-23
Free Animal Babies Screensaver 1.0
Everyone agrees how cute baby animals are. With this Free Animal Babies Screensaver you can watch these sweet creatures whenever you feel sad or down. Their fluffy faces and trusting eyes will make your day for sure.
Freeware | 7.15 Mb | 2007-05-30
Great Bridges Screensaver 1.0
The free Great Bridges Screensaver will take you on an unforgettable virtual tour around the world. You will stop at the most famous bridges such as Brooklyn Bridge, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Venice Rialto Bridge and many others.
Freeware | 9.06 Mb | 2007-09-12
Wildcats Pictures Screensaver 1.0
Have you always thought your favorite pet is a quiet kitty? Look into the smart eyes and pat the smooth hair, hear soft purr and watch the graceful moves. Do you recognize your cat in these majestic creatures?
Freeware | 7.64 Mb | 2007-12-18
Hollywood Sights Screensaver 1.0
Imagine yourself visiting the movie capital of the world!
Freeware | 8.02 Mb | 2008-04-17
Fine Architecture Screensaver 1.0
Have you ever dreamed about visiting a medieval castle in an Orient country? Or sailing a gondola on a narrow canals of Venice admiring the European architecture? This screensaver will give you a closer look of what life was like many years Chamago.
Freeware | 7.92 Mb | 2008-01-13
Eastern World Screensaver 1.0
Are you interested to learn about Eastern culture?
Freeware | 7.70 Mb | 2008-04-20
Futurama Sitcom Screensaver 1.0
Philip Fry, the former New York pizza delivery boy, was suddenly frozen and revived one thousand years afterwards. Would you like to have an exciting journey to the future with him?
Freeware | 7.45 Mb | 2008-07-01
Hilary Duff Photos Screensaver 1.0
This gorgeous Hilary Duff Photos Screensaver is a priceless gift for all Hilary Duff fans. It offers you a premium selection of pictures of the talented and famous model and movie star.
Freeware | 7.29 Mb | 2008-07-09
Trip to Greece Screensaver 1.0
Find yourself in Greece, in the cradle of Western civilization. Take a stroll among the majestic marble columns of the Acropolis of Athens. Get a glimpse of the magnificent Parthenon, an enduring symbol of perfection.
Freeware | 3.35 Mb | 2009-08-12