Software of 'Alexander Triantafyllou'

Free PDF Watermarker 4dots 1.0
Watermark PDF documents, supports command line usage. Do you want to watermark PDF documents ? Are you looking for a PDF watermarker with many options ? Then try Free PDF Watermarker 4dots.
Freeware | 1.79 Mb | 2020-06-24
Free JPG to PDF Converter 4dots 1.0
Convert JPG to PDF - Supports almost any type of image and command line usage - Add entire folders.
Freeware | 2.86 Mb | 2020-06-14
Video Wallpaper Creator 1.0
Create video wallpaper for your desktop - Impress your customers and friends with a video wallpaper - Make desktop exciting with video wallpaper.
$9 | 56.67 Mb | 2020-01-10
Audio Looper 1.0
Loop audio clip also with background video - Repeat audio for a specific duration, number of times or to fit the duration of background audio.
$3 | 37.55 Mb | 2020-01-06
Video Looper 1.0
Loop video to create video clip with background audio - Repeat video for a specific duration, number of times or to fit the duration of background audio
$9 | 37.58 Mb | 2020-01-05
Exif Remover 1.0
Exif Remover - Remove metadata from photo with a right click in Windows Explorer or batch remove exif data of many images - Exif eraser that is easy to use
$3 | 19.60 Mb | 2019-12-17
Video Zoomer and Cropper 1.0
Video Zoomer and Cropper - Zoom Video Area or Crop Video Area - Highligh area of video or crop area of video - Multilingual
$9 | 38.84 Mb | 2019-12-17
Photo Resizer Expert 1.1
Photo Resizer Expert - Versatile batch image resizer - Adjust, apply effects and filters to images - Watch folders - Resize image with right click in Windows Explorer
$9 | 20.85 Mb | 2019-10-14
Remove Duplicate Lines 1.0
Software application to remove duplicate lines from text - remove duplicate words - dedupe list - ensure that contents of a list are unique
Freeware | 433 Kb | 2019-09-15
MinimizeToTrayTool 8.0
MinimizeToTrayTool is a freeware open source utility that allows the user to minimize any application to the windows tray.
$9 | 502 Kb | 2019-08-20
Maximize Always 1.0
Maximize Always - Start and keep maximized automatically specified applications or windows for your convenience.
$9 | 432 Kb | 2019-08-20
Video Watermark Remover 4.0
Remove watermark from video easily ! Remove logo from video and make it unnoticeable. Multilingual. You can specify the exact watermark area and also the exact time position where the watermark is appearing.
$3 | 38.75 Mb | 2019-08-06
Privacy Hide 2.0
Privacy Hide is a utility that allows the user to quickly hide specific applications from the computer screen with a single keystroke. This way, the user can keep his privacy and stop being watched accidentally by others.Translated into 38 languages.
Freeware | 4.59 Mb | 2019-08-06
Active Computer Usage Time Tracker 1.0
Active Computer Usage Time Tracker - Track and get Reports of Computer and Software Applications usage of you, your employees or children over the network
$9 | 681 Kb | 2019-08-06
Convert Powerpoint to EXE 4dots 2.1
Convert powerpoint to standalone exe slideshow - Convert ppt to exe - Convert pptx to exe - Effects, narrate photo slideshow, edit images
$9 | 44.85 Mb | 2019-06-30
Magnifier 4dots 1.0
Magnifier 4dots - Free Screen Magnifier - Zoom Windows - Zoom Computer Screen - Zoom screen windows. Do you want a zoom computer screen ? Do you want to zoom windows and areas of the screen ? Then try Magnifier 4dots which a free screen magnifier.
Freeware | 369 Kb | 2019-06-21
Color Picker 4dots 1.0
Color Picker 4dots - Color Picker Tool to pick Color from Screen - Html Color Picker - RGB Color Picker - Hex Color Picker - Color Code Picker with magnifier
Freeware | 422 Kb | 2019-06-21
Disable Context Menu Items 1.0
Disable Context Menu Items - For security reasons disable context menu items from Windows Explorer such as Delete, Cut, Copy, Paste, Rename, Properties.
$9 | 13.15 Mb | 2019-05-28
Free Combine PDF 4dots 1.0
Free Combine PDF 4dots - Combine PDF documents easily - Supports command line usages - Merge PDF documents with a right Click - Add entire folders.
Freeware | 14.59 Mb | 2019-05-17
Key Status Indicator 4dots 1.0
Key Status Indicator 4dots - Caps lock indicator - Easily get notified when caps lock is on with a System tray Icon, Icon on Taskbar, Screen Message or Sound
$9 | 397 Kb | 2019-04-18
Combine Word Documents 4dots 1.0
Combine Word Documents 4dots - Merge word files while keeping the original format and headers, footers - Supports Command line usages, integrated into Windows Explorer.
$9 | 13.28 Mb | 2019-04-12
Standalone EXE Document Locker 1.0
Standalone EXE Document Locker - Password Protect documents and convert them to a standalone editable executable file. Easy file locker for documents - Secure file, document lock
$9 | 0.98 Mb | 2019-03-06
EXE Slideshow Maker 4dots 1.2
Create standalone EXE slideshow from photos, create standalone executable slideshow with music - Effects, narrate photo slideshow, edit images.
$9 | 32.09 Mb | 2019-02-25
Standalone EXE Locker 1.2
Standalone EXE File Locker - Easy file locker - Password protect files and convert them to standalone executable file. Secure file, secure folder, filelocker
$9 | 13.68 Mb | 2019-02-25
Picture Slideshow Maker 4dots 1.0
Create video from photos, create slideshow with music - Many image transition effects, narrate photo video - Strong image editiing capabilities.
$19.95 | 31.78 Mb | 2019-01-16
Convert Word to Video 4dots 1.1
Convert Word to Video easily - 18 Image Transition Effects - Add Background Music - Convert word to mp4, docx to mp4
$9 | 32.32 Mb | 2018-12-12
Convert Powerpoint to Video 4dots 1.1
Convert Powerpoint to Video easily - 18 Image Transition Effects - Add Background Music - Convert powerpoint to mp4, ppt to mp4
$3 | 31.50 Mb | 2018-12-11
Convert Word to Images 4dots 1.0
Batch convert word to jpg, doc to jpg, docx to jpg with Convert Word to Images 4dots - Convert doc to jpg easily also with page ranges.
$9 | 515 Kb | 2018-11-27
Convert Powerpoint to Images 4dots 1.0
Batch convert powerpoint to jpg, pptx to jpg with Convert Powerpoint to Images 4dots - Convert ppt to jpg easily with slide ranges.
$9 | 513 Kb | 2018-11-25
Convert Office to Images 4dots 1.0
Batch convert office to jpg, convert word to jpg, convert powerpoint to jpg, convert excel to jpg with Convert Office to Images 4dots - Easy to use
$9 | 515 Kb | 2018-11-24
Convert Excel to Images 4dots 1.0
Batch convert excel to jpg, save excel as jpg with Convert Excel to Images 4dots - Convert excel to jpg easily also with sheet ranges.
$9 | 515 Kb | 2018-11-24
Batch Office Image Extractor 1.0
Batch extract images from powerpoint, extract images from office documents, extract image from word doc with Batch Office Image Extractor
$9 | 514 Kb | 2018-11-16
Video Converter Expert 1.1
Do you want to convert video files for free ? Do you want a versatile video converter that can handle almost all video formats and has many output formats and output profiles for Android, Iphone, Ipod, PSP, XBOX, DVD e.t.c.?ry Video Convert Expert
Freeware | 57.67 Mb | 2018-11-08
Key Remapper 4dots 1.0
Do you want to remap keyboard keys with another key ? Do you want to remap mouse buttons ? Then try Key Remapper. With Key Remapper you can easily remap key or remap mouse buttons with another key, program, mouse button, custom text.
$9 | 650 Kb | 2018-11-06
Audio Converter 4dots 4.9
MP3 converter and audio converter that supports 15 audio formats and 10 video formats. Convert FLAC to MP3, M4A to MP3, AAC to MP3, WAV to MP3, MP3 to WAV, OGG to MP3, MP3 to FLAC, MP4 to MP3, Video to MP3 and more.
$9 | 53.10 Mb | 2018-10-12
Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots 2.0
Free PDF Image Extractor 4dots is a free application to extract images from pdf documents. It can export the images into more than 18 different image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000, PPM, PBM e.t.c.. Page ranges. Easy to use.
Freeware | 33.20 Mb | 2018-10-09
MP3 Joiner Expert 1.1
MP3 Joiner Expert - Audio Joiner that can merge MP3 files & other formats with fade, cross fade, audio effects & more !
$5.5 | 58.22 Mb | 2018-07-21
Multiple Search and Replace 6.1
Multiple Search and Replace is a powerful utility that can search and replace text in multiple files at the same time. It supports Text, Webpage, Microsoft Office, Rich Text Format, Open Text Format and Pdf files. Also it searches in compressed files
$9 | 2.92 Mb | 2018-01-16
Simple Video Compressor 3.5
Compress video size while retaining quality with Simple Video Compressor. Reduce video file size with a right mouse click !
$9 | 57.69 Mb | 2018-01-11
Video Joiner Expert 2.0
Do you want to join videos into one large file ? Have you tried other programs in order to merge videos of different formats, sizes and aspect ratios and you couldn't ? MP4 joiner, AVI joiner, WMV joiner, MOV joiner. Batch join videos using lists.
$5.5 | 45.04 Mb | 2017-11-24
Batch HTML Validator 1.0
This batch W3C validator tool is perfect to find out HTML errors on websites and check the markup validity of URLs in HTML, XHTML or HTML5. Using a HTML validator tool like this one can save you time and money and is good for SEO purposes also.
$39 | 23.43 Mb | 2017-06-05
Simple Disable Key 12.0
Do you want to want to disable keyboard keys ? Then try Simple Disable Key. With Simple Disable Key you can disable keyboard, disable windows key, disable shift key e.t.c. or any other key. Disable keyboard keys always for a program or on schedule.
$19.95 | 624 Kb | 2017-06-01
4dots Empty Folder Cleaner 2.0
Empty Folder Cleaner is a free advanced utility to delete empty folders from your computer and remove the clutter in order to increase performance. Backup files of the folders that are deleted can be kept and each deletion can be undone.
Freeware | 14.48 Mb | 2016-05-19
Free File Unlocker 5.0
Free File Unlocker is an essential utility to delete currently Used, locked, undeletable, busy files. Works with all 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows and Windows Server.
$9 | 13.23 Mb | 2016-04-06
Photo Side-by-Side 3.0
Do you want to compare photos side by side ? Do you want to make an assessment by viewing two photos side by side ? Then this free application is for you.Photo Side-by-Side will show,zoom you any image side by side with another one.Free,multilingual.
$5.5 | 14.68 Mb | 2015-09-18
Simple MP3 Cutter Joiner Editor 3.0
Do you want to cut MP3 and other audio ? Do you want to merge MP3 songs ? Then this application is for you. It can even split MP3 in parts or by time, It can edit MP3 files and shows their waveform and can mix MP3 or record MP3 files.
$9 | 40.32 Mb | 2014-06-07
4dots Free PDF Compress 4.4
Batch compress PDF documents and shrink the file size of PDF documents drastically.Free, very easy to use and also multilingual.PDF Compressor that supports drag and drop,integrated into Windows Explorer,supports command line functionality.
Freeware | 16.71 Mb | 2014-06-04
Split Byte Portable 2.0
Split Byte is a free versatile file splitter and joiner application.It can be used to split large files into smaller parts and afterwards join them, for example in order to email them or to write them on a CD or DVD.Split into equal parts or by size.
Freeware | 207 Kb | 2013-07-23
Free File Unlocker Portable 3.0.5
Free File Unlocker is an essential free utility to delete currently Used, locked, undeletable, busy files. Works with all 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows and Windows Server.
Freeware | 13.23 Mb | 2013-07-22