Software of 'Waleriy Sokolov'

Smilesearch 1.3
You play as a smiley, your task is to catch as many coins as possible, and not get on the bomb! Be careful and stay on the platform. Get points and set records! Genre: Arcade. Management: A, D - movement.
Freeware | 3.27 Mb | 2020-06-28
Redjumper 1.3
Redjumper - play as a red jumper! Stay on the platform and do not touch the black stars, just do not go beyond the map. Reach the yellow star, this is your prize! The game has 6 levels of varying difficulty. Management: arrows - movement, ESC - exit
Freeware | 3.33 Mb | 2020-06-28
Cruces 2 1.3
Continuation of the game Crysis. It is heavier than the first part. It has improved graphics. Management is the same. Come on, play it.
Freeware | 16.88 Mb | 2020-06-28
The Forest 1.4
The Forest event takes place in a small village that is shrouded in mountains from all sides. You have to find a portal to get out of there and return also you have to explore the unique world that was created with taste.
Freeware | 19.79 Mb | 2020-06-28
House Of Horrors Escape 1.7
If you like scary games with black humor, then this game is for you! The protagonist Oleg collecting mushrooms lost in the woods. Wandering through the dense forest he came across an abandoned house. Long without thinking Oleg decides to spend the ni
Freeware | 43.45 Mb | 2020-06-28
Intergalactic Shooter 1.3
Embark on an endless space journey. Destroy enemy starships and break your record. Collect scrap and upgrade your ship for greater efficiency in battle. Achieve a bigger score! And pleasant music and interesting effects will accompany you. Go to spac
Freeware | 20.55 Mb | 2020-06-28
Sliding Ball 1.2
This is a sports game. In this game you have to throw the ball into the basket. With each hit on the basket you score. Try to make a big score. I wish you success.
Freeware | 26.71 Mb | 2020-06-28
Tiny Hero Adventure 1.3
The world of this game contains well-developed levels, various enemies, super-bosses, simple gameplay, nice graphics and soothing music, as well as sounds. You should pass the levels for which you have only 3 lives. After the end of 3 lives, you die
Freeware | 47.22 Mb | 2020-06-28
Flappy Sky 1.3
Control the plane avoiding walls, defeating enemies and gaining points! Collect gems dumped by enemies and unlock character skins!
Freeware | 25.14 Mb | 2020-06-28
G Penguin 1.3
G-Penguin is a gravity switching platformer. With gravity, you need to get to the finish line. You must not touch the spikes and enemies.
Freeware | 12.36 Mb | 2020-06-28
Fruitball 1.3
In this game you have to pass the levels without falling on the spikes. Your characters are in the form of fruits. Do not let them die. Everything depends on you.
Freeware | 14.37 Mb | 2020-06-28
Ghostify 1.3
You are playing as a ghost. In order to survive you have to dodge spikes. Score points to unlock harder difficulties. Collect coins to upgrade your stats, making it easier to survive longer and to collect even more coins.
Freeware | 20.86 Mb | 2020-06-28
Tap To Turn 1.3
TapToTurn is a 3D casual endless runner. Press "space" to turn the cube so it can go through the walls.
Freeware | 16.75 Mb | 2020-06-28
Escape From Hell 1.3
You have to get out of the dungeons of hell, you have to find 5 crystals and reach the door, but not so easy, on your way will be waiting for evil demons. You can go to the break or just go around them, the choice is yours!
Freeware | 58.23 Mb | 2020-06-28
Space Revolution 1.3
You are in space and you need to kill all the enemies that meet on your way. You also have to kill the boss.
Freeware | 16.69 Mb | 2020-06-27
Slime Jump 1.3
Jump over obstacles with the space bar and arrows to reach the finish line.
Freeware | 29.95 Mb | 2020-06-26
Christmas Tree 1.3
A simple game where you play as a christmas tree that is trying to get some decoration. Collect the baubles and avoid the bombs. Reach a score of 100 to win!
Freeware | 17.48 Mb | 2020-06-26
3D RED 1.3
In our program you will see detailed maps. In order to test your computer for performance. All this is created on the Unity engine. Our program has the following functions: Tessellation, Reflection, Wetting, Smoothing, Realistic lighting. Test your c
Freeware | 1333.61 Mb | 2020-06-26
Tankzombie 1.3
You are an American soldier, a tankman. You need to urgently leave the infected area, as this will lead to death. In addition to the infected area, you have to destroy the infected! There is no other way ... Urgently get to the safe zone. Blow up bar
Freeware | 3.36 Mb | 2020-06-26
Slash All 1.3
Try to cut as many fruits as possible. Each level will show you how many attempts you have.
Freeware | 16.40 Mb | 2020-06-26
Gibs Experience 1.3
You play as a tank. With it, you can kill enemies and get points from him.
Freeware | 14.83 Mb | 2020-06-26
Sense Of Freedom 1.2
Sense of freedom is an individual game in its genre with elements of running on walls. Explore and go through the map in Si-Fi style. This game is well suited for those who like to play games in the evening. Management: W A S D, Esc - exit
Freeware | 74.56 Mb | 2020-06-25
Space Defenders 1.2
The game is similar to the classic galaga, the player is a spaceship that shoots comets and enemy ships. The game can only be played from the keyboard or use the mouse to shoot (LMB). The player must shoot down as many objects as possible and score a
Freeware | 70.41 Mb | 2020-06-25
Adventure Game 2 1.3
Can you complete the game to the end and fight the main boss? Run and jump through the deep jungle, avoid enemies. Run and jump in the thick jungle, avoid traps. Destroy all enemies in your path. Hurry to open a secret passage hidden in the depths of
Freeware | 95.64 Mb | 2020-06-25
Air Storm 1.2
AirStorm - Casual 2D game about airplanes. Here you can meet various types of enemies, from a light fighter to a heavy bomber. Just use WASD to move and SPACE to attack. If your plane crashes, you can fix it, just find a wrench that can fall out of a
Freeware | 68.59 Mb | 2020-06-25
Monsters Filter 2D Game 1.2
Shoot crowds of evil monsters in the 2D shooter "Monsters Filter 2D Game", gaining points. As you gain points, the difficulty of the game gradually increases. However, be careful, among the monsters, ordinary people periodically run through. Unlike m
Freeware | 17.90 Mb | 2020-06-24
Cube Man 2D Puzzle Game 1.2
"CubeMan 2D Puzzle Game" is a puzzle game. Collect stars on the levels. Move the drawers, jump, open the laser barriers to reach the targets. Be smart and quick-witted.
Freeware | 17.91 Mb | 2020-06-24
2D Mazes Game 1.2
Driving a small red square, go through 11 different options-levels of the 2D maze.
Freeware | 18.03 Mb | 2020-06-24
Pigbomb 1.3
You play as a very active pig! She can jump and run. The pig got lost in the swamp, and she needs to survive. Jump on the ground and dodge obstacles. The game has 5 levels of varying difficulty. Management of arrows.
Freeware | 3.47 Mb | 2020-06-24
Cube Adventure 1.3
Cube Adventure is a challenging but fun platformer. You play as a cube who is looking for a way home. To get to the house you have to go through all the levels. On your way will come across various dangerous traps. Not everyone can pass this game!
Freeware | 28.68 Mb | 2020-06-23
Defending Base In Space 1.3
Space invaders - one of the first games! Destroy aliens, have fun! DefendingBaseInSpace - full clon of this game, you think. But are you sure? Try it and defend base as long as you can!
Freeware | 24.90 Mb | 2020-06-21
Alchemie Chaos 1.3
Welcome to Alchemie Chaos! Mix of tetris, three-in-line, chaos and alchemie is already here! You have 60 seconds for connect cubes of one element together. Collect 100 of all to get the alchemie stone - and win the game!
Freeware | 25.93 Mb | 2020-06-21
Stickman Escape Prison 1.7
You need to help Stickman escape from prison. A lot of escape options will be provided to you, but only a couple of them will be doable. You will be sitting in a solitary cell and behind the door you will be guarded by a guard. Relatives gave you a w
Freeware | 10.61 Mb | 2020-06-21
Christmas Mission 2 1.4
Christmas Mission is a story about how one small but very brave elf tried to collect lost candy. This game is a hardcore 2D platformer with survival elements. In this game you have to go through various levels playing as a little elf. Your main task
Freeware | 72.32 Mb | 2020-06-21
Mirror Adventures 1.3
Mirror Adventures - an exciting game in the genre of platformer, where you have to look for a mirror. Mirror - teleport to the next level. You need to complete all levels. Run, jump, search, dodge - all this in the game Mirror Adventures!
Freeware | 12.02 Mb | 2020-06-21
Its Chicken 1.4
It`s Chiken! - A hardcore 2D platformer with interesting, animated graphics and no less interesting gameplay, in which you have to go through various, difficult levels playing as a chicken. Your main task in this game is to collect chicken eggs. At e
Freeware | 69.10 Mb | 2020-06-21
Bio Soup 1.3
You are the beginning of everything. Maybe you are a cell, maybe a microorganism or a bacterium. Who you are? Choose your path from bacteria to a reasonable subspecies. Eat enemies, beware of those who are bigger than you. Develop your abilities, cha
Freeware | 54.13 Mb | 2020-06-21
Dark Village 2 1.8
There was a noise in the courtyard. You looked out of the house and did not believe your eyes. Goblins and orcs ran in the courtyard. Seeing you, they rushed at you. Without thinking, grab a weapon and kill enemies or become food.
Freeware | 150.17 Mb | 2020-06-19
Parasites In Ruined City 2.2
After a nuclear explosion, the city was destroyed, though a small fraction of the citizens managed to hide underground. On the surface, all living things began to mutate and turned into horrible monsters. But the radiation is now reduced, and people
Freeware | 295.08 Mb | 2020-06-19
Parazites In Old Village 2.0
In the old village an old chest was discovered. The chest was immediately opened and held a skeleton from unlike any living thing of this world. The researchers were called in, but upon their arrival there were no more people to be found in the villa
Freeware | 162.15 Mb | 2020-06-19
Battle Arena With Monsters 1.5
An explosion in a secret laboratory, working with unearthly viruses, caused a strong mutation of the staff and turned them into monsters. Part of the charged city was immediately surrounded and healthy people were evacuated. You, with a group of well
Freeware | 271.21 Mb | 2020-06-19
Arena In Zombie City 1.8
Zombies have long lived in their cities. These cities are surrounded by high walls. But, like people, zombies started to get sick and eat other zombies. Perhaps because of bad food or because of closed areas. The city declared a quarantine and decide
Freeware | 87.46 Mb | 2020-06-19
City Wasteland 2.0
After big cataclysms on Earth, cities were destroyed. People went to live in the catacombs, or well-protected villages. The cities were occupied by mutated people. You are a researcher of these abandoned cities. Weapons and ammunition are highly valu
Freeware | 214.66 Mb | 2020-06-19
Cube Shot 1.3
Cube shot. Someone will like this game for its dynamic gameplay, and for someone for an interesting design. You can compete with friends. You can get weapons from a pistol to a machine gun. The game can last indefinitely, but it depends on the player
Freeware | 35.48 Mb | 2020-06-18
Danger Dungeon 1.4
Danger Dungeon - An exciting game in the genre of platformer. You are imprisoned in a terrible dark dungeon, you have to get out of it. Go through exciting levels, jump, run, look for secrets - all this is about the game Danger Dungeon!
Freeware | 12.02 Mb | 2020-06-18
Murderer Monsters 2 1.7
After big cataclysms our cities are destroyed. People either hid or mutated. Now the cities belong to monsters. They are teeming with marauders and zombies. Your team went to clear the quarter from the zombies. But now everyone is dead. Only you surv
Freeware | 254.10 Mb | 2020-06-16
Special Forces Hero 1.4
After a large earthquake, the military base was destroyed and remained unguarded. On the basis of a lot of weapons and classified materials. The best special squads from different countries began to hunt for these materials. You, with a special force
Freeware | 274.62 Mb | 2020-06-16
The Watchman Vs Aliens 1.5
You work as an ordinary watchman at a construction site, but suddenly they penetrated .... aliens and want to steal building materials from you too. Your task is to hold out a certain period of time before the arrival of help. Are you ready? Then for
Freeware | 363.42 Mb | 2020-06-16
Base Of Robots 2.8
Special forces became aware of the existence of a robot base. On this base, military robots were created to attack peaceful cities. You, being the most prepared fighter, were sent to this base to destroy all of the robots. You are outmatched, but we
Freeware | 213.51 Mb | 2020-06-16
The Lair Of Mutants 1.2
Your mission is to clean the territory of an abandoned factory from the zombies that inhabit it. Look for weapons on the territory of both firearms and cold, and hold on to the last. Only the best will survive. Good luck.
Freeware | 329.46 Mb | 2020-06-16
Fight In Wasteland 2 1.9
The destroyed village was infested with monsters, but to spend the night exposed in the desert is even more dangerous. Obviously, you'll need to find shelter before dark this village. At night, the monsters are on the hunt and come at you with increa
Freeware | 118.23 Mb | 2020-06-16
Control Sky 1.0
You need to protect the planet from a meteor shower. Download it and see if you can contain the pressure. Go ahead and don't stop.
Freeware | 25.30 Mb | 2020-06-15
Bit Platformer 1.0
Bit Platformer is a platformer created in the style of 16 bit games, such games were once on the Sega console, and now the player will be able to experience those times while in the game Bit Platformer!
Freeware | 58.30 Mb | 2020-06-15
In The Woods 1.0
You are an unhappy person whose car overheats and stops next to the campsite. You go deeper into the forest to find help, but there is something else waiting for you. You have to fix your car and get out of there. But can you?..Management:W / A /
Freeware | 355.13 Mb | 2020-06-15
Grow Fish 1.0
Grow Fish is a game in which you need to grow your fish. Click on the fish, get points and spend them on improvements.
Freeware | 22.98 Mb | 2020-06-15
Lammas RPG Adventure 1.0
Protect the city from evil cacti, fight with the bosses, get new equipment, explore the world, the Sheriff is waiting for you!
Freeware | 94.88 Mb | 2020-06-15
Bacterium War 1.0
You have to save an ordinary person from death. Fight off evil bacteria, destroy viruses and recover from hard trials. An exciting arcade game in the genre of tower defence. P - pause, Left mouse button - cause damage to bacteria. Enjoy yourself!
Freeware | 21.54 Mb | 2020-06-15
The Last Dawn The First Invasion 1.0
You will assume the role of James Lewis, a doctor who was sent along with a rescue group to search for survivors in the middle of an extraterrestrial invasion. In the middle of the trip all the vehicles and electrical objects are affected causing a t
Freeware | 1205.60 Mb | 2020-06-15
Mutant Invasion 2 2.2
After the virus was wiped out, the inhabitants of the city began to turn into evil mutants. During the evacuation operation, you were cut off from your supplies and left alone in the city. You need to try to destroy all the mutants to survive. Hold o
Freeware | 102.67 Mb | 2020-06-14
Stellar Battle 1.4
Stellar Battle is a dynamic scrolling shooter in the best traditions of the genre. Do not miss enemy ships and do not let destroy your own ship! Bright graphics, nice music and interesting gameplay will not let you get bored!
Freeware | 25.30 Mb | 2020-06-14
Castle Defender 1.9
You, the royal knight, was sent to a nearby castle to find out if the rumors about the death of its inhabitants are true. Upon arrival, you find that the castle and surrounding areas are completely empty. The residents are gone. But as soon as the of
Freeware | 123.42 Mb | 2020-06-14
9 Challenges 3.5
Check out the new pixel platformer from Note Games! 9 levels with beautiful minimalistic graphics. Convenient controls with the arrow keys. Pass through the levels, collect coins, and complete the whole game if you can. 9Challenges is the best platfo
Freeware | 18.55 Mb | 2020-06-14
Outer Space 2.1
A game in which we act as a rescue space crew, which is to save the astronauts crashed and flew into outer space. Maneuver between buildings, Dodge asteroids and don't forget to look at the fuel level.
Freeware | 12.55 Mb | 2020-06-14
Temptation 2.0
Temptation is a small arcade game. Once in the middle ages in the priest possessed a demon-sinner. According to the ancient book, to get rid of the evil spirit from another world, you must actively sin: kill chickens and increase your anger. To eat t
Freeware | 114.01 Mb | 2020-06-14
Dead Hunter 1.8
Dead Hunter - a game in the genre of Action with a top view, made in 2D style. In the game Dead Hunter you're playing for the demon hunter, which deals with the destruction of evil creatures.
Freeware | 210.00 Mb | 2020-06-14
Pieces Of The Diary 2.9
The character wakes up in an abandoned hospital, in which something strange happened. Before the character's arrival, there was another person in this hospital. He wrote a diary and tore off the pages, hiding them in different rooms. In every room wh
Freeware | 148.46 Mb | 2020-06-14
Zombies On Road 2 1.2
There is no way out of this terrible burn. More and more waves of terrible zombies are attacking you. There are almost no rounds. It is urgent to look for ammunition among abandoned cars. The military must help with the zombies. I hope help is near.
Freeware | 268.03 Mb | 2020-06-14
Pestis 2.0
Middle ages. A young Plague Doctor who has just studied at the Academy is sent to a small village, which, like the whole country, is covered by the plague. He will remember all his lessons and try to save as many people as possible and, at the same t
Freeware | 25.07 Mb | 2020-06-14
Zombies In Dangerous Dungeon 2 1.8
Not far from the old crypt, people began to disappear. It turned out that the crypt was a secret underground passage, closed by a secret door. Archaeologists who arrived from the city found the door and opened it. No one else saw them. Soon the local
Freeware | 169.43 Mb | 2020-06-13
Dangerous Dungeon 2 1.8
Scary monsters surrounded you. You can run away, but this is not for you. You need to do everything possible to win this battle. In this ancient labyrinth, monsters were closed for many millennia and waited for this hour. You can't let monsters get o
Freeware | 201.76 Mb | 2020-06-13
Strong Kills 1.8
The city is captured by aliens. People leave their homes and are evacuated. You and two soldiers remained to detain the enemy. Fight the waves of aliens. Give time for people to leave their homes.
Freeware | 274.55 Mb | 2020-06-13
Zombies In Forest 2.0
Having traveled to the village to see your grandmother, you encounter zombies. These were real ZOMBIES, scary and hungry. They immediately rushed at you, clapping their teeth. It is a pity the bus is long gone, and the village was 10 kilometers from
Freeware | 138.49 Mb | 2020-06-13
Base Arena City 1.8
In one of the cities made a base for training special forces. On this base a lot of weapons and it attracted mercenaries. Base captured. Mercenaries are now guarding weapons. You, with a group, must destroy the mercenaries and free the base.
Freeware | 187.16 Mb | 2020-06-13
Horrors Temple Of Pharaoh 3 1.8
You, guard the Pharaoh's tomb. But recently an eclipse happened and the mummies and skeletons came to life. You managed them and decided to go home. But it turned out not so simple. People turned into zombies. Kill the waves of zombies.
Freeware | 197.96 Mb | 2020-06-13
Lost Factory 1.9
Bloodthirsty zombies appeared in an old and abandoned factory. Perhaps the virus in the factory was from a secret laboratory. There are no living at the factory except you, the guard. Immediately, call the military for help, grab a weapon and kill th
Freeware | 239.19 Mb | 2020-06-13
Teply Jump 1.7
TeplyJump - This is an arcade with 3 modes: simple, hard and hardcore. Get more points and be the best of the best. 100,000 points to get into the quest room where after completion quest you play the game and you can get points is easy to be the best
Freeware | 33.20 Mb | 2020-06-12
Draw And Play 1.7
In this game you will draw and jumping on the lines that you drew. Draw bridges and stairs, try not to fall into spikes and traps.
Freeware | 12.35 Mb | 2020-06-12
Slime Adventures 1.4
Slime Adventures - an exciting game in the genre of platformer. You have to go through all the difficult levels, not everyone can pass them. Run, jump, dodge bullets - All this is about the game Slime Adventures.
Freeware | 12.88 Mb | 2020-06-12
Old Edge III 1.5
Old Edge III is a continuation of that same hardcore platform game about primitive people. In the third part of this game you have to go through the levels for a girl from those very times when people survived, not lived. As always, your main task in
Freeware | 62.21 Mb | 2020-06-12
Horror Shooter 1.7
Zombies are evil! Fight zombies in a new horror shooter. You have one gun and one life. Die - you start first! Do not forget, somewhere in the labyrinth is the main zombie, if you kill him, there will be a change in the world, and the zombie apocalyp
Freeware | 55.00 Mb | 2020-06-12
Soldier Of Failure 2 1.4
Soldier of Failure 2 - a continuation of the same 2D platform game with elements of a shooter. In this part, you again have to confront a variety of new enemies, their military equipment, and traps. In this game you also need to collect all the neces
Freeware | 49.59 Mb | 2020-06-12
Easy Clicker 1.4
Easy Clicker is a clicker game. You need to click on a specific area in order to receive a certain resource, then sell it and buy improvements in the form of new tools or workers.
Freeware | 15.46 Mb | 2020-06-11
Mini Knight 1.4
Mini Knight is an interesting casual 2D platformer in which you have to deal with enemies and overcome various obstacles, such as stakes, ditches, poisoned mushrooms and more. Your main goal is to collect enchanted keys with rubies. The game is simpl
Freeware | 55.02 Mb | 2020-06-11
Manipulator Of Figure 2 1.4
Manipulator of Figure 2 is the second part of an interesting logic puzzle, where you need to play with physical figures to deliver the green circle to the purple platform. Throw away, delete, collect from the figures what you need to complete the tas
Freeware | 53.72 Mb | 2020-06-11
Soldier Of Failure Operation Zombie 1.4
Soldier of Failure: Operation Zombie is the third part of the same 2D platformer with shooter elements. In this part, you have to confront the zombie apocalypse. Kill zombies, collect ammunition, bypass traps and then the game will not seem boring to
Freeware | 51.67 Mb | 2020-06-11
Manipulator Of Figure 3 1.4
Manipulator of Figure 3 is the third part of the physical puzzle. Your task is to deliver the green circle to the purple platform and hold out for 2 seconds. The difficulty is that you can only push the circle to the right or left and act on it with
Freeware | 53.75 Mb | 2020-06-11
Color 1.4
Color is a game to relax. It looks like a simple arcade, but in fact you need to try to get through it. Although the game is not big, but it has a fairly captivating plot. You play as the person who helps the organization. Specially selected musical
Freeware | 103.39 Mb | 2020-06-09
The Escape From Herobrine 1.4
Steve's brother doesn't stop doing evil again. This time, Herobrin was sold in earnest! Having once again tracked his brother Steve, Herobrin decides to put him to sleep to mock in his long-visited maze ... Herobrin stuffed the cameras around the maz
Freeware | 29.11 Mb | 2020-06-09
Way To The Space 1.2
WayToTheSpace - Simple in gameplay and graphics, but quite difficult to complete the game. In this game you will find 10 interesting levels of varying difficulty. The game has a mode for two players. The game is guaranteed to give you a lot of emotio
Freeware | 17.14 Mb | 2020-06-09
Zombie On Street 1.4
Several years passed, people on the verge of extinction of zombies captured the whole world. Your task is that you need to survive and destroy all the zombies.
Freeware | 16.66 Mb | 2020-06-09
303 1.4
You are in the basketball team and in order to gain the trust and respect of your team, you need hard training. But in this game you are not the dude that was discussed in the previous sentence. You are the ball that should hit the basket.
Freeware | 5.17 Mb | 2020-06-09
Cosmic Heroes 1.4
Cosmic Heroes - a game in which you have to dodge the asteroids flying near you and destroy as many enemy ships as possible. The game has several improvements: health, damage, speed and new ships.
Freeware | 14.65 Mb | 2020-06-09
Hard Driver 2 1.0
A new part of the hurricane runner, where you act as an unlucky driver trying to get to your home, can you dodge obstacles, jumping over cliffs, collecting coins and improving your car to help the driver in his difficult game of survival? HardDriver
Freeware | 10.33 Mb | 2020-06-09
Alien Cat 2 1.0
And again the universe is under attack, but while Alien cat is on guard, she has nothing to worry about, because he is able to deal with any troubles. Alien cat 2 - is a puzzle with a top view in which we act as a small black cat on whose shoulders n
Freeware | 8.25 Mb | 2020-06-09
Go Go Cowboy 1.0
A fast and hurricane Top-Down-Shooter where you act as a sheriff in the Wild West and should deal with all the bandits in the district as soon as possible, arm yourself with your faithful revolver and embark on a dangerous journey! Go, Go Cowboy - Fa
Freeware | 82.90 Mb | 2020-06-09
Military Vehicle Simulator 1.0
Everyone knows that army equipment is the most hardy and powerful. Only the best are delivered to the army. Now you have the opportunity to control a military armored vehicle. Feel the full power of this all-wheel drive machine. You can drop into any
Freeware | 60.55 Mb | 2020-06-09
Click Monster 1.0
An incredibly colorful and dynamic clicker, in which you have to plunge into the world of unique monsters, visit amazing worlds and acquire new improvements over time. ClickMonster - A hardcore clicker where the player must call on monsters, buy upgr
Freeware | 28.31 Mb | 2020-06-09
Russian Delivery Club Baikal 1.0
Russian Delivery Club Baikal is an amazing and realistic driving game. You drive a truck in the very heart of Russia. You need to successfully deliver the goods. You must finish the wood without damaging it and without losing it when moving.
Freeware | 123.36 Mb | 2020-06-09
Delivery Club Kamaz 1.0
Your goal in this game is to bring the goods to their destination. Test your driving skills. Avoid obstacles and try to keep the load intact. Also, do not forget that you have a limited amount of fuel, if it runs out you lose.
Freeware | 216.48 Mb | 2020-06-08
Zombie Base 1.0
This base is teeming with hordes of zombies. You are separated only by a fence around the base. But many corporations want to get biological materials for research. Some for medical purposes and others for the development of weapons. You decide to de
Freeware | 337.95 Mb | 2020-06-08