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Youda Games have recently launched a new exciting game Bank Robber to entertain you and to give you a chance to become the best robber on the internet. Youda Games gave you a mission in this game to rob a bank with a specialized team.

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Windows 95/98
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7.81 Mb
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November 9, 2009
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Strategy Game Bank Robber by YoudaGames Youda Games have recently launched a new exciting game Bank Robber to entertain you and to give you a chance to become the best robber on the internet. Definitely, you would have never seen anything like this game. Youda Games gave you a mission in this game to rob a bank with a specialized team. You have got the liberty to select your team according to your requirement. You can have the best thieves and the efficient tools to finish your job. Twenty specialized thieves are always ready to help you in your bank robbery. Using your own strategy and buy the most efficient tools like, Golden Key, Master Key, Security Card, Special Key, DU Cassette, Diamond Drill etc., which will help you a lot in bank robbery. Combination of best team and efficient tools will surely make your plan positively successful. 6000 golden keys, 20000 security card, 40000 special key, 10000 master key, 65000 DU Cassette and 140000 diamond drill are available to help you in the bank robbery. You have to plan which equipment will be used when and how? You have to rob the bank having amount of 1100000 Dollars, which is not an easy task. At the same time this hefty amount is also quiet o.k. to become rich and to lead royal life. Without money this is not possible. Youda Games is providing you the shortest and the best way to enjoy the life. It is up to you. Do you want to enjoy the life or not? And we are dead sure that you definitely want to have fun in your life. So, be ready, rob the bank, get rich and lead royal life. Come on guys. You are young and you can take risk because risk is the sound of youth zest. Dedicate yourself and rob the bank with the help of all available means. Apply your I.Q. and become an achiever, a robber which is the main aim of this game. Youda Games will provide you such types of exciting games consequently and we are dead sure that you will really enjoy the Youda Games.
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