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In the game ?Rail of War? each and every train has its specific speed guns price and load capacity. You will also get lots of train wagons and weapons like 3 slots wagon, 4 slots wagon, Rail Rockets, Emp, Bunker Buster Large, Huge Cannons and more.

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Windows 95/98
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November 11, 2009
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Rail of War is A Complete Source of Enjoyment. Hey guys come on. Spend your holiday with fun and exciting games. We the Totallygame.com company are here to entertain you with lots of exciting games. Here we are introducing a new game ?Rail of War? full of fun and excitement. In this game you have to eliminate enemies with the help of trains full of different kind of weapons. Enemies will try to capture your precious land and you have to defeat them at any cost. You will get dangerous rocketeer or the hard shooting Abrahams tank. You will also get 12 land enemies in total, bunkers rocket base and airfields that can launch 7 different planes and choppers. So you have to supply troops and people with weapons and fuel to win the war. Its a huge action packed strategy game. You will get 10 massive missions and each mission will unlock new trains, weapons and maps. In these maps you will get a chance to score. User friendly map and level editor is one of the great features in this game. With the help of create map rail of war you can enjoy the game for a long time. In addition to this you also get 6 more massive war trains including the Rhino Industrial the loewy, the Pennsylvania, the super chief, the dragon and the super fast ICE. In the game ?Rail of War? each and every train has its specific speed, guns price and load capacity. You will also get lots of train wagons and weapons like 3 slots wagon, 4 slots wagon, Rail Rockets, Emp, Bunker Buster, Large and Huge Cannons and more. Apart from wagons and weapons you will get 5 mega huge backgrounds in the form of grass map, desert map, ice map, huge flatlands map and the super jungle map. You also get the facility to import and export maps from XML and you can share it with your friends.
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