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SecureBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL edition) is a comprehensive component collection that adds PGP, SFTP, SSH, SSL/TLS, PKI support to your Windows application. This is ActiveX/DLL version.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
EldoS Corporation
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11.31 Mb
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May 28, 2010
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SecureBlackbox (ActiveX/DLL edition) is a comprehensive component collection that adds support for PGP, SFTP, SSH, SSL/TLS, PKI to your Windows application. SecureBlackbox primary goal is to provide basic technology for the wide range of applications, hiding the details of low-level protocols and algorithms, used by the parties during secure conversations. This is ActiveX/DLL version.
Users reviews & testimonials

I like the product. It is very efficient and easy to implement with my


The code samples are great and cover most scenarios.

It may become the standard client SFTP component for all projects in our


Thank you for accommodating my requests for support even though we have

not purchased the product.

Hussein Zeidan

My company develops applications in Delphi and Kylix for use over the Internet, and often with remote Linux servers. More often than not, these have to be secure connections. Using SecureBlackbox, I managed to convert my insecure application into a secure one in less than an hour (including learning time) and the one query I did have was answered comprehensively by email within three working hours.

Peter Back

I use SecureBlackbox SSL, HTTPS and Certificate components in a Delphi VCL client application for uploading e-commerce orders to a web server. I changed to SecureBlackbox from Indy OpenSSL components since the latter has poor quality control, uses an external library and is not at all stable. By contrast SecureBlackbox has good quality, is well supported, and above all it works perfectly.

Andrew Fiddian-Green

We assumed the challenge to develop a prototype of digital signature with the new electronic id-card in Spain without any knowledge about PKI solutions. Thanks to PKIBlackBox and SecureBlackBox we have got it!! There was a solution very similar in samples.... Great component, good documentation and excellent support !! My questions in forum were answered in minutes....It really makes easier development work.

Cesar Calvo

SecureBlackbox is capable of everything we require of it and more. The level of support is what you would like to have rather than that you normally get! Many thanks.

Bill Ward

Our company develops software which requires file transfer capabilities. We purchased SecureBlackBox and use FTPS, SSH and PGP components in our.NET applications. It's a great, easy-to-use object model. We enjoy an excellent support(prompt, technical and educational).

Eugene Chernyak

As the author of 3d Traceroute I was looking for a painless working, cryptographic secure, dll free, source code available solution for Delphi to implement http with SSL and Telnet with SSH. After a little bit looking around I decided to try SecureBlackbox and was surprised about the short time I needed to implement my solution. Fast mail support, continuous maintenance, I'm very pleased with my buying.

Holger Lembke
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