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Free MP3 Editor Platinum meets all your needs to edit your audio files. With our MP3 editor, you can record sound from any resource to edit and enhance them visually on the zoomable waveform.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
SoundDazzle Software
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22.15 Mb
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July 1, 2014
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Description from the Publisher
Free MP3 Editor Platinum is a multi-award winning audio editing software tool as well as a sound recorder. The software is a visual music file editor that has many different options and a multiple functionality to edit your music files like editing text files. With a given audio data it can perform many different operations such as displaying a waveform image of an audio file, filtering, applying various audio effects, format conversion, etc.
Users reviews & testimonials

I found "Free MP3 Editor Platinum" with a Google search. I downloaded and tried two other products that were highly rated by Cnet and PC World Magazine. One program gave me a codec error when I tried to open an MP3 file created in Replay Radio and the other had a user interface that I didn't consider workable. I've just started working with Free MP3 Editor Platinum. So far, it seems like a good program. I'll be glad to give you more feedback if you like.

Peter Henderson

Hey guys! After using Free MP3 Editor Platinum, I found it is a compact sound editor and easy to convert one format to another. I wanted to create a "soundtrack" for a photo show and this allowed me to edit the length of each song, fade in, fade out and allowed me to add chorus to the tracks so that the fade in/fade out stayed "in time". I was able to make songs longer, by copying and pasting a hunk of the song onto the beginning. It was super easy to learn to use. I created my soundtrack MP3, was able to drop that directly into my photo show program, but what was really nice was having the soundtrack as an MP3, just for listening. I have recommended this program to several colleagues and friends, it's absolutely free.

Eamon Brooks

I have, today, downloaded the new version of Free MP3 Editor Platinum. I have used Free MP3 Editor Platinum for four months now. I use it mostly for editing and recording all types of sound for local radio. In all those months I cannot recall any technical problems. The program has never crashed, no conflicts with other programs at all. I have used other editing and recording systems none of them as easy and reliable to use. Congratulations to all your company team.

Rene Bilodeau

Words cannot express my satisfaction. Your software is truly intuitive and easy to use. Your support was excellent when I started using the product and had questions or comments. Now you have proven that your customer service is better than I would have expected - fast and appropriate. That is often times more important than the product.

Robert E. Lambert

Records music in a variety of different formats, with many customizable quality settings. Records flawlessly every time. I did my job right away with Free MP3 Editor Platinum. It is small and easy to use. I am excited to see what new things will come of it. Keep up the great work!

Noah Quarles

Free MP3 Editor Platinum is an all-in-one application. You can add numerous cool effects to your MP3 files, such as echo, chorus, fade-in/out, normalizing, amplifying, etc. It is my best friend for sound editing. Your MP3 editor is colorful and essential for anyone needing easy to use sound editing software!

Baraka Lester

Extremely happy with it, after searching a few programs that don't work at all. This is a nice little program that edits all MP3 files. It is small and user friendly. Additionally, the noise reduction feature helps you get clear sounds. Thank you.

Klaus Miller

Best software on the net! It is capable of handling most of the audio formats and I am also surprised with its pleasant interface & lightning fast process. I especially like the easy MP3 editing because they fit perfectly for my MP3 player.

Dalen Foster