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Purchase Cell phone conversation recorder online to archive audio data microphone telephone voice modem radio station recordable sound in database voice activated system compression algorithm reduce disk space size store information in digital format

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Windows 95/98
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1.15 Mb
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June 14, 2008
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Radio station sound archive software store recorded sound and associated information in database through which data can be browsed while other sound is being recorded. Voice modem archive freeware needs several sound cards to be installed in computer system for use in multi channel mode. Digital voice recorder freeware archive audio sound data received through microphone, telephone, voice modem, radio stations or others sources of recordable sound and stores information on personal computer in digital format. Database does not occupy much of PC precious hard disc space as the voice activated system recording starts when sound signal is detected and sound compression algorithms reduce required disk space size. Voice archive program operates on IBM PC compatible personal computer equipped with full duplex sound card to make simultaneous playing and recording possible.
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