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Backup the easy way. EzBackup transfers an exact copy of your drive--partitions, preferences, everything--to any internal or external backup drive. Point and click to select files/times for automatic backups. Restore a file or an entire drive 1,2,3.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP
Data Protection Solutions by Arco
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May 28, 2007
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EzBackup is designed to do drive to drive backup. It will provide you with an exact duplicate of your drive on another drive. You can use any external USB, FireWire or eSATA drive or even a second internal IDE or SATA drive as your backup drive. Here's how it works. First, EzBackup will help you transfer an exact image copy of your hard drive to your backup drive. This image backup will reflect any partitions on your drive and will contain your operating system and preferences plus all your programs and data files. Next, you'll decide which files you want EzBackup to backup on a regular basis and when and how often--once, twice, up to eight times a day--you want these backups to take place. You can even set EzBackup to backup whenever a particular event takes place, such as every time you attach or turn on your backup drive or (if your drive has an action or backup button) every time you push the button. Whether you inadvertently delete just one or two files, corrupt your operating system, or lose your entire drive due to a disk crash, you'll have everything you need to quickly replace or restore what's been lost. No hassle. No costly or annoying downtime. If you're in the middle of a project with no time to spare, you may be able to simply switch to your backup drive and keep on working. And--unlike tape backup or other backup programs-- there will never be any question as to whether your backup files really exist. EzBackup uses no hidden compression/decompression methods or unreadable backup files. You can verify the validity of your backup files anytime by simply opening a Windows Explorer window and looking at your backup drive. EzBackup works automatically in the background. It won't disturb you while you work and won't forget to backup when you're away. Schedule up to 8 automatic backups a day. Backup manually anytime. Have EzBackup overwrite existing backup files with each new backup or tell it to maintain multiple backups with dated restore points so you can revert to an earlier version of a file if necessary. You can select individual files and folders or entire file types--such as all music, videos or picture files--for backup. You can even have EzBackup notify you by email to let you know a backup has occurred. Backup and restore at 1 minute per Gbyte of data. Use EzBackup's built-in drive migration and partitioning tools to quickly and easily transfer your entire drive contents to a new or larger drive. EzBackup will clone your existing drive on the new one. No need reinstall applications or copy files. No searching for system or application disks. No need to download software and driver updates. It couldn't be easier.
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