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Qlockwork Pro is a premium version of the Qlockwork time tracking add-in for Outlook. It talks directly to PCs, Office and Outlook to automatically track activity with no need to start or stop timers.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
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1.44 Mb
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August 2, 2010
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Description from the Publisher
Qlockwork Pro is a premium version of the Qlockwork time tracking add-in for Outlook. Qlockwork Pro talks directly to Windows to automatically provide detailed data about how all computer time is spent. It is designed to track all PC activity without the requirement to start and stop timers. Qlockwork Pro adds scheduled reporting, Outlook calendar integration and a choice of tracking options to the basic Qlockwork product.
Users reviews & testimonials

I was impressed with the way the system records everything you do: emails you have sent, sites you have visited, spreadsheets you have been working on. When I work I often have many windows open; I was surprised how well the system can handle my activities across the windows.

Mahad Mohamed

I love your product. It's a perfect backup for me in checking my time for billing purposes


I've been using Qlockwork for 3 years and it gets the job done. I'd recommend it


I bought Qlockwork maybe two years ago. I rely heavily on it to keep track of where my time goes, I think it’s fantastic and I recommend it to anyone I meet who needs to keep track of time and do billable time entry.

Mike Woodd

As a business coach, I find that productivity and effectiveness are among the top goals of every client I work with. I highly recommend Qlockwork as an indispensable tool in improving your time management – a critical component in getting a handle on how you spend your time and then making appropriate changes.

Anne Alexander

As a leading UK time management training company, we have considerable experience helping business people to use their time more effectively. We see Qlockwork as a valuable tool in understanding time and making better use of it.

John Routledge