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DipTrace is an advanced PCB design software application that consists of 4 modules: PCB Layout with high-speed autorouter and 3D viewer/STEP export, Schematic Capture, Component and Pattern Editors that allow you to design custom component libraries.

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Novarm, Ltd.
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October 29, 2012
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DipTrace is advanced electronic PCB design software. The program features an integrated Schematic Capture, shape-based autorouter, 3D viewer/STEP exporter, supports high-speed and differential signaling, and provides Component and Pattern Editors for designing new component libraries and footprints. DipTrace has a very intuitive user interface and high flexibility. The output formats: DXF, Gerber, Gerber X2, ODB++, N/C Drill, and G-code.
Users reviews & testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks for your quality product and quality support. I downloaded DipTrace thinking it would probably be a hobby grade tool - that was not at all the case. After taking a moderately complex design through the entire design process I can now say with confidence that DipTrace is a well crafted, full blown professional grade tool.

Tim VanderMey

As a Director of Engineering for a small company, I need to get new products to market fast with minimal capital expenditure. Starting up with a new schematic capture and layout package traditionally meant a large learning-curve investment, not to mention a large dollar investment.

DipTrace breaks the traditional mold for schematic capture and layout CAD software by being super-intuitive and simple to learn, while still providing all the capabilities of design packages costing 10 times as much.

Jim Carstensen

I have been using DipTrace from almost the beginning. I have found it to be the easiest, most complete software for the price. I have used OrCad, Eagle, PADS, and ProE. I enjoy using DipTrace because of its simplicity. I design military applications and I need to have a program that is simple and fast. I run on tight schedules and the larger programs spend too much time setting up how to make the design instead of "making" it. You don't have to be an expert to use it. But even if you are an expert you will appreciate how easy they have made designing circuit boards. The other programs have a lot of "bells and whistles" but not the "substance" DipTrace has. I am a designer of flexible circuits and the support DipTrace has given me is wonderful. I have asked for certain things to help my design specialty and Stas (DipTrace) has responded and added things to help make my life easier. I feel that is Dip Trace's strongest selling point. It's customer support. They listen, and do their best to add what designers need. Something you will not find in the "Big" programs.

George Nasser

To date I've used Diptrace to develop several new printed circuit boards and have learned a lot about it's capabilities in the few months since Rel-Tek purchased the software. I have found it to be a very nice, easy-to-use, and easy-to-learn program to use. I have created a variety of new components for both the component libraries and the pattern libraries with ease, and the program accepts them without any difficulties. The program has so far handled every board design no matter what size or shape of the board. I have created both rectangular printed circuit boards as well as round boards. The autorouter function for the PCB has worked better than I expected, I have recently used the autorouter to routed a 12" x 5" PCB with 1000+ holes and over 200 components. Finally, and most important to us, we've created Gerber files for more than one new PCB design, and sent them successfully to an outside PCB manufacturer with no problems. We currently have boards being produced based on the Gerber files I've sent by e-mail. We expect the first set of PCB's created from Diptrace to arrive by the end of this month. The Diptrace Tutorials are very well written, and have greatly helped me to learn how to use the fully capabilities of the software.

Craig D. Mattocks

How does one thank you for your fast and professional support of such a complicated program. I cannot get over the way you people handle the myriad of problems and do it so quickly. I know that sometimes the user doesn't understand what he is doing but you show patience and concern with the user's well being every time. Thanks for a wonderful product but more so knowing that the support is just a click away.

Russ Wilson

I strongly recommended Diptrace to all uni. students who are doing their electronic product developement pcb as this easy to use and what more is the large component library which need not to hunt on the web. The tutorials are fantastic as I haven't seen any kind of it before for it is simple and easy to follow. I had seen popular version like ORcad, Protel but not like this. Super !!!

Thiru Kaliappoo
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DipTrace is an advanced PCB design software application that consists of 4 modules: PCB Layout with high-speed autorouter and 3D viewer/STEP export, Schematic Capture, Component and Pattern Editors that allow you to design custom component libraries.