MorphVOX Junior 2.0.1

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MorphVOX Junior will change the way you play games and chat online! Transform your voice. Use it to change your voice to match your personality. Disguise your identity. Send cool sound effects to friends online.

Software information
Windows 7/Vista/XP
Screaming Bee LLC
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2.73 Mb
Date added:
March 22, 2006
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Description from the Publisher
Pure Voice Changing Fun! MorphVOX Junior is a free voice changing tool that will change the way you play games or chat online. Change your voice to sound like man, woman, or tiny folk. Make your friends laugh with the number of sound effects that you can broadcast online. MorphVOX Junior is optimized for online games, but is also is great for prank calling friends via instant messaging and VoIP. You can even send out screeches and drum rolls with a push of a key, mouse or joystick button. This voice changer works with all the popular game and online chat programs including Skype, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GoogleTalk, TeamSpeak, and Valve games. Features: High-quality voice changing technology Learns from your voice Integrates easily with online games and chat programs Low bandwidth and CPU usage Built-in Voices Built-in sound effects Full key, mouse and joystick support for gamers
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