Rapid PHP Editor 2010 10.2

"Rapid PHP Editor 2010" snapshot

Powerful, quick and sophisticated PHP editor with debugger and utf-8 support. You can instantly create and edit not only PHP, but also HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Integrated tools allow you to easily validate, reuse, navigate and format your code.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
Blumentals Software
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62.95 Mb
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June 29, 2010
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Powerful, quick and sophisticated PHP editor. Convenient features enable you to instantly create and edit not only PHP, but also HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript code, while integrated tools allow you to easily validate, reuse, navigate and format your code. Suitable both for experts and enthusiasts. Features include syntax highlighting, auto complete, PHP debugger, PHP function hints, file and FTP explorer, code templates, utf-8 and more.
Users reviews & testimonials

As a web developer who spends 50% of his time re-writing and cleaning up old poorly written HTML and adding CSS and the other 50% of his time neck deep in osCommerce, I went on a two week hunt to download every PHP/HTML/CSS tool I could find. In the mix of programs I tested Rapid PHP easily separated itself form the pack. There were plenty of programs that had 85% of the features I wanted and needed but Rapid PHP was everything. So I sent a bug report to the dev team (as I had done with many of the programs I tried). The team at Blumentals responded the next day. I was blown away. There are thousands of things that I'd love to say about how valuable Rapid PHP is. Suffice it to say that this is the best program I've found and the only one I want to use. With a solid program and a ready-to-help development team Rapid PHP is worth twice what Blumentals is asking.

Jon Henderson

This is one powerful, all-inclusive editor. Whether you only create PHP files, or use a wide variety of scripting languages (such as (X)HTML and CSS), Rapid PHP will fulfill most, if not all, of your needs.

Lee Underwood

I just wanted to thank you for making Rapid PHP such an amazingly useful and well thought out program! - The features, the layout and just everything about it are so useful for a web-developer such as myself! I much prefer "hand coding" to using software like Dreamweaver® etc., and this makes my job so much easier! With features such as spell checking, syntax highlighting and error checking, this has saved me hours of development time, over when I used to simply do it in Notepad! Many Thanks for making Rapid PHP such a great program! Keep up the good work!

Ben Thomas

I truly wish I had found Rapid PHP editor sooner. As Lead developer for DWB Jemlinsoft, I code, modify code, embed code, eat, sleep and dream "code". I have bought and used many popular code editors and have not found them lacking in capabilities in one area or another. Projects that I work with often require switching between multiple applications to complete. Coders will agree that this is often cumbersome. With its' integrated CSS, HTML, JavaScript editors, and preview window, Rapid PHP eliminates the need to switch between applications, and allows me to code, validate, preview and save directly to my servers in one full sweep. Editing has never been easier! Rapid PHP is exactly what I want as a coder."

Thank you Mr. Blumentals for creating a "Ground Breaking" and affordable development tool that I will use for years to come. I give your Rapid PHP editing software my highest regard and recommendation!

JT Jones

I just wanted to say that knowing how amazing Rapid PHP is, I was totally stoked to see that you had made a new version. I was then absolutely floored when I saw what you had included in the new version. This is really setting a new standard in PHP development. Your programs work at my pace and I never have problems with them. I never find Rapid PHP to be hogging memory or slowing down due to background processes. Thanks heaps for listening to your customers. This is what makes you guys the real deal. I just wanted to say a big thank you for your products. I'm onboard.

Murray Chapman

I'm really blown away with this software, and the service I have received from Blumentals. Having the preview pane, the code snippet library, the variable selection, the much faster code explorer, and the fixes to some minor niggles in the old version, I've doubled my productivity over the IDE I used to use. It lets me focus entirely on the coding.

Paul Hanlon

I've been using Rapid PHP to develop W3C standards compliant XHTML and CSS web applications in PHP/MySQL since 2005. Rapid PHP has the essential find and replace in files tool I so loved in TextPad and the new Code Explorer makes PHP coding [life] so much easier. The integrated CSS and HTML validation tools are awesome. The best I have used anywhere. The CSS Auto Complete is amazing. I liked Maguma Open Studio and PHP Designer until I used Rapid PHP. Rapid PHP is a better text editor then TextPad, the perfect CSS editor and my favorite PHP IDE ever!

Keith Spiller

I spent over half of my professional life as a classical composer, and I prize simplicity and elegance in programming too. Karlis Blumental's PHP Editor (like his HTMLPad ) is a small masterpiece of straightforward, helpful design. It is actually pretty full-featured too - particularly good at previewing what you code. I struggled with PHP for months using a text-editor only and recently put all my old source into a Rapid PHP project. Within five minutes I was going at eight-times the speed, and enjoying it more. My Websites so far are for are family and friends - but I certainly plan to do a serious Intraweb design with this product.

Gordon Crosse

I started developing software in the late 80’s and a while ago I started developing php applications. I’ve used several tools to write the code, but Rapid PHP beats them all. Even the extreme expensive tools lost the battle! This is one of the most intuitive php coders I’ve ever used. The one thing I love the most about Rapid PHP is not only that it’s a complete environment but also that I can load several sources (classes) and get an overview of all the class members in an instant. Buying Rapid PHP is the best investment I’ve did this year already.

Johan Myny
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