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Personal C Sharp extremely simplifies C# programming. Allows a person with minimum programming experience to write professional programs in C# and the .NET Framework.Contains all the tools to compile and debug your programs, nothing else to buy.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
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362 Kb
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March 9, 2006
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Making programming code as easy and short as possible and reducing things to memorize enables you to devote all your mental power and attention to your programming creativity and reduces the chance for errors. Here is what Personal C# can do for you: ** Provides you with the ability to create and display full featured text which both your program and the user can edit, file and/or print. ** Provides you with ability to create professional drawings which include different shape and image objects, Affine transformation and 3D effects with the shortest code possible. ** Provides you with an easy way to create and work with window controls. Layout and event handling have been dramatically simplified. ** Provides an easy way to perform networking jobs like retrieving web pages and searching their contents, checking, receiving and sending e-mail messages programmatically and also uploading and downloading files to / from ftp sites. ** Provides you with easy to create and use Sequencial and Random Access Files in addition to a file type which can be used as a database for small applications. ** Provides you with an extremely simple way to create thread safe objects. ** Allows you to write hardware troubleshooting programs easily since it allows your program See sample at
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