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Ozeki VoIP SIP .Net SDK for VoIP call system development allows to add voice & video call feature to applications and webpages. Developers can make softphone, webphone solutions, SIP based voice and video applications for call centers, IVR systems

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Windows 7/Vista/XP
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February 9, 2012
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Ozeki VoIP SIP .Net SDK for VoIP call system development allows software developers to add voice & video call feature to their applications and webpages. It can be included in any software developed in .Net. Its greatest advantages are that it uses managed code and it handles great numbers of simultaneous calls. Ozeki SIP SDK can be used to build softphone, webphone solutions, SIP based voice and video applications for call centers, CRM systems and IMS solutions. SIP VoIP call services like IVR, autodialer or a voice conference room can also be created. It is compatible with most of the PBX systems like Cisco UCM, Asterisk PBX, 3CX Phone System, etc. It supports multiple VoIP calls. Since Ozeki SIP SDK is fully standard compliant, it works with most of the VoIP service providers such as Skype Connect, VoIPtalk, SureVoIP, etc. Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK is the easiest way to add voice, video and text conference over VoIP into your applications and Web pages. VOICE CONFERENCING: It is a very important feature of the Ozeki VoIP SDK. Due to this feature, three or more people can have a real-time voice conversation. VOICE CONVERSATION RECORDING: It is the next important feature of the Ozeki component. With this feature, it is possible to record the conversation into wave (.wav) file for later play back during the conversation. EXTENDED CODEC SUPPORT: Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK ensures excellent sound quality. For this purpose various codecs are supported effectively. It allows you to select the codec you wish to use. Among others G.729 codec is supported. NO YEARLY/MONTHLY FEE, ROYALTY FREE LICENSING: After purchasing an Ozeki SIP SDK license, you are free to use Ozeki SIP SDK for.Net license with your product and you can freely distribute your product in as many copies as you wish without paying any royalties or license fees to Ozeki. SAMPLE SOURCE CODES: It is really easy to incorporate in your applications. Sample source codes are available to download
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