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AYGHOST is a very simple and effective hard drive imaging/cloning software. Multicasting in sixteen network cards;Create/restore partition image; create/restore disk image; check image; clone from disk to disk.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
Anyue Technology Co.Ltd
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20.60 Mb
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August 30, 2006
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AYGHOST is a simple but sufficient cloning software. With AYGHOST you can create, restore and check images, and you can also backup from disk to disk as well as act multicast systems. The created images include partition images and disk images. When there is something wrong with the system, you can use the suitable created images to restore it. If your computer has more than one disk, with AYGHOST you can directly backup data from one disk to another disk. What?s more, AYGHOST, by broadcasting way, enables you to clone the whole disk in the local area network. The function of multicast systems enables you to have a choice of sixteen kinds of network cards. Main functions: Multicasting: synchronically clone several computers. In the local area network you can synchronically copy all the computers no matter how many computers there are. Time used for copying one computer is the same with that of copying as many as 100 computers. Multicasting in sixteen kinds of network cards. Create and restore images: store a partition or the whole disk in the server or another partition or disk with the IMG-typed files; when there is something wrong with the system, you can choose the suitable image to restore the system; Backup from disk to disk: the direct copy between the disks in the same computer; Main features: Backup a partition to an image file Backup an entire drive to an image file Clone a disk to multiple disks at same time Create image file locally or to a network share Create image file with compression or size limits Restore a partition from an image file Restore an entire drive from an image file Restore image files locally or from a network share Multicast a hard drive across the network to other computers Check image file integrity Create or restore hard drive with EAZFIX snapshots For more information, please visit http://www.k62.net OR contact MSN: support@njanyue.com
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