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Use FolderMatch to compare and sync your files and folders so you will always have the most current data. Ideal for people in business, for people who burn CDs, or for anyone who keeps multiple copies of files. Stay in syncwith a button click.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
Salty Brine Software
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5.70 Mb
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June 28, 2014
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FolderMatch makes it quick and easy to compare and synchronize the contents of any two files or folders. Whether you're trying to keep files and folders organized on a desktop computer, performing backups to removable disks, synchronizing rapidly changing laptop data with your main computer, or doing network file maintenance, FolderMatch offers one-button synchronization for the novice, and a range of sophisticated tools for the advanced user.
Users reviews & testimonials

I have tried several other sync packages and feel that while they seem to have some good features, they fall short in ease of use. One look at FolderMatch told me that a lot of good thought went behind the design of the user interface. Your selections of the "Method" to synchronize is crystal clear and provides users with an extra level of confidence that the software is going to do the option that you want. With your competitors, I'm never sure if the synchronization is really going one-way.

Lee Rautenberg

I used to work at LapLink where I helped conceive some of the folder cloning capabilites, and so I appreciate all the flexibilty that your software provides. Most synchronization programs don't "get it" and bring back unwanted orphans.


I have tried the LapLink program, and it does indeed allow me to easily update my files through USB, but their software program leaves much to be desired when compared to FolderMatch! I wish that Laplink would have purchased the rights to FolderMatch for about a million dollars! Perhaps you would have liked that too?!

Stephen M.

I downloaded your product and was impressed with its overall ease of use, speed in calculating file differences and stability while running in a Windows 2000 RC2+ environment. " "I played with your new version of FolderMatch 3.0.0 and found it to be stable, nice looking graphically, and quick at analyzing file differences compared with other synchronization software that I have used....I really enjoyed using your software. It offers several improvements (especially the advanced detection of file differences) over the other products that I currently use.


Folder Match is a world class product. I actually use it from a Windows XP instance that I run on a virtual machine on a MacBook Pro to compare folders between the Mac partition and some Windows servers.

John T.

This is one of the few shareware programs I would pay for. I needed to backup my data files selectively for certain folders and subfolders. I wantoed to be able to have usable copies of everything on two separate disks but did not want to create a complex set of backup rules. FM worked like a charm. I found it easy to use and extremely flexible in how it handles different types of comparisons and syncronization.

Eric M

Thank you for a terrific product. I had been looking for something to do two-way synchronisation between my laptop and desktop for some time. I have tried TrueSync and IntelliSync in the past - both have a terrible interface. A colleague at work stumbled across FolderMatch and forwarded the reference to me. Thank goodness he did. I tried it out yesterday evening, and within an hour purchased a license. It works perfectly in a totally intuitive way - also coping with the fact that one machine is NTFS, the other is FAT32. This morning, the license code was waiting for me in my in-tray - thanks for the very quick response.

Simon F.
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