ImageFileManagerBean 2.4

"ImageFileManagerBean" snapshot

BEST Java Bean to embed into Oracle Forms application for Image/Document Capture, Storage, Retrieval, Viewing & Manipulation(s) from within the application.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server, Unix/Linux
LongBridge Consulting
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4.79 Mb
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November 12, 2010
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Description from the Publisher
File Formats: GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PPM, PBM, TIF & TIFF + Save in PDF too! Features: * Image ALWAYS CENTERED within Image Viewer * ?Previous File? & ?Next File? to display Previous & Next Filename within list of files selected with File Format of document opened from chosen folder. * Page Info / Navigation functions: - ?Current Page? Drop-down list for Quick Navigation - ?Total Pages? - 'First, Previous, Next & Last Page' * File Navigation functions: - ?Current? & ?Total? info - 'First, Previous, Next & Last File' - 'File Format' selection to display relevant files - 'Filename' & ?Search Type? for various types of searches against ?Filename? specified - 'Refresh File List? * Image Manipulation functions: - 'Display Progress Bar' - ?Fit to Original on Open/Add? - ?Smooth Image? - ?Auto Apply on Rotate? - ?Rotate Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise' - ?Zoom Factor? - ?Zoom In? & ?Zoom Out? - ?Rotate? - ?Apply? to save rotated image into Image Viewer cache - ?Fit to Display/Original? to resize Page - 'Add Custom Text/Image' - 'Apply Custom Object' * Document Action functions: - ?Start? & ?End? Page Numbers - ?Print? button - ?Delete? button - ?Add Page(s) Before? - ?Add Page(s) After? - ?Cancel Scanning? * Acquire Process function: - ?Show Device Dialog? - ?Select Device? - ?Acquire New Image? * ?Open Document? displays File Image Chooser Popup Window to display Image Preview for files whose format is GIF, JPG, JPEG & PNG * 'Close Document' * Saving Actions: - ?Save Page/All/Individually?
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