Sothink DHTML Menu Builder 9.7

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Create SE friendly drop down menu, JavaScript menu without coding. 100+ templates & 30 pre-set styles assist you in building cross-browser web menus, support IE9 beta. Integrate with main web editors including DW CS5. Fully customize the menu style.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/Server
DHTML Menu Builder
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10.84 Mb
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April 7, 2011
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Description from the Publisher
Create SE friendly JavaScript menu with ease. 100+ free templates & 30 preset styles help you create professional cross-browser menus in clicks. IE9 beta supported. Menu style can be fully customized. Support making data-base driven navigation bar with ASP, PHP, JSP and more; Seamless integration with almost all web editors, such as DW CS5, FP, EW and Golive. Versatile functional menus like tab menu, multi-column menu, etc.
Users reviews & testimonials

You have a REMARKABLE product ... I say again, this is an EXCELLENT program ... I have tried five or six others, and even purchased two of them, including OPENCUBE ... but I am switching to yours today.

Maurice Hurley

I am trying out your menu builder program, as it seems to be one of the most comprehensive available, and has all the functions I need. One of the main attractions is the Site Navigation Structure Generator.

Robert Clark

Your product is amazing as to how much time it affords me so I don't have to write code. Thanks and keep it up!

Jason Roberts

I like yours SoThink Software very excellent, menu items are so interesting for use. We are creating a web pages so we are using yours software.

Jeff Owen

I have to tell you what a fabulous product DHTMLMenu is. I use it literally every day and on virtually every website I design. It saves me countless hours and offers great design flexibility.

Jeff Wilson

I use your application for a most of my client websites but this particular client is extremely pleased with his menu system because no matter how big his website you can get to any page from any page and the navigation bar tells you exactly what page you are currently on. Thank you for a great product.

David Shaver

Our menu was created using the Sothink DHTML program which I found incredibly easy to use, especially after trying to do the same thing in Macromedia Flash and Fireworks!

Catherine Swanson

The program comes with templates to create DHTML menus. My favorite feature is not just the fact it writes all of the DHTML code for you, but gives you the option to export them as a .js (javascript file). Using this method, you don't need to paste any DHTML code in to your website. Two lines of javascript, one in the header and the other in the body. After that, when you update your menus, you simply update your .js file. All of the menus on your site update with it (your website calls the .js file). This feature alone has saved me hours of time. For those whom are savvy to customizing, the program allows a large amount of customization of the style of your menu.


This program has saved me so much time and money. The main feature that has sone so is the JavaScript feature for the menus. Once a menu is created, instead of pasing DHTML coding in to your websites, you can export the menu as two JavaScript files. If you change the menu, you just update the two JavaScript files. There's two lines of coding that goes in your websites which call the two JavaScript files. So, when you update your menu, you just replace the JavaScript files. For those that design large sites, this is a Godsend. "Site Navigation Generator". This feature scans HTML pages to look for links, then compile a DHTML menu based upon those hyperlinks and the settings you configure. I 1had a site which had over 100 links on the index page. The ease of use of this program allowed me to simply drag and drop the new navigation buttons in to sub categories. This program is a must for anyone's arsenol of web developing products!

Joe Spagnuola

Sothink have come up with a powerful yet easy to understand package that helps you to create your own menus quickly and easily, without the need for complex coding by hand. You can build menus with just plain text for maximum speed, or include your own fancy graphics if you want to make a real impact. The code can either be output as plain text to paste into individual pages, or you can compile the menu as an external .js file that can be re-used throughout your site. A real time-saver. I tested many different menu-creation utilities before deciding on buying this one for use on the Cybia website. I felt it had the best balance of features and ease of use.

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