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A Powerful Java Science Calculator, Unit/Currency Converter, Color Converter. It supports 36 functions, 198 units/35 currencies, 7 Skins and 6 locales. It's designed as an alternative to the system build-in calculators and runs on multi-platforms.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
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15.48 Mb
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June 29, 2008
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Description from the Publisher
CalcExp is designed as an alternative to the system build-in calculators. CalcExp runs on Windows 2K/XP/Vista, MacOsX, Linux, and Solaris. The main features are: 1. All-in-one Calculator: Can be a good alternative to the system build-in calculators and hand-hold calculators. It makes your calculating faster and safer. 2. Powerful Number formatting: You have many options to choose for formatting the result number, such as: Locales, Fraction Digits, Scientific Notation, Hexadecimal Displaying, etc, while the windows calculator can't do that for you! 3. Friendly User Interface: Want it always stand on top? or want hide it as a systray icon? yes, you can do that. Want unlimited undo/redo when editing the expression? Just press Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+Shift+Z. Want record an expression, then recall it later? Save it in history list. 4. Skin Changeable: 7 Skins(themes) created by professional artists; the font is clear and easy to read. 5. Web Launch: revolutionary startup manner: Web Launch. It allows you launch CalcExp in a web browser! With just one click, you can install/launch CalcExp on your computer, whatever you working on Windows, Linux, MacOsX, or Solaris. 6. Easy to Use: View and Edit the expression directly; Avoid making mistakes to it. 7. Custom Functions: You can define your own Functions and Constants, and use them later like system build-in functions/constants. It saves time and help you work more efficiently. 8. Fully Tested and Safe: It has passed more than 1141 test cases to make sure your calculation is safe. It comes with a set of Bug Tracing Mechanism to help find any exceptions in calculating and report them to fix at once. This makes CalcExp become safer and safer. 9. Useful Tools: A great feature of CalcExp is the useful tools, there are good friends in your work. There are 4 useful tools in CalcExp:Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Statistics Calculator, and Color Converter.
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