SN's Goalseek Premium V1.08

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Premium reverse solving engine to contiguous or non-contiguous ranges in any number of Excel sheets or workbooks. Far superior to Solver

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
Sovereign Newzealand
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May 12, 2004
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SNGSP Capability Improvements SNGSP can work with multiple variable cells, in multiples of sheets in multiples of open workbooks. Up to 64000 cells in multiple ranges may be incorporated into the problem - but that figure can be increased or lowered to suit business strategy. Those cells, if selected, but do not relate to the target cell by formulae or functions, will be automatically ignored. Upper and lower bounds may be set individually for each range. Solver cannot work with multiple worksheets/workbooks. SNGSP can work with protected workbooks, Solver cannot. SNGSP can/will alter its internal precision differently for each variable cell in an effort to find a solution (in case the user has incorporated the Round, etc. functions in his/her workbook). SNGSP does not get bogged down if the starting values are such that the "set up" sub-routine does not detect a change in target cell value. For example: See the image in and look at the Measured Ull column. This column represents the ullage of the respective tank. (Ullage is a measure of the empty space above the liquid cargo in a tank - Total tank height less the height (sounding) of the cargo). The ullage for empty tank is usually an odd figure like 22.068 or 21.567, etc. The users of the program will not write this cumbersome figure to indicate empty tank, they will adopt a rule such as to enter 23 in tanks that are empty. With 23 in the measured ullage column, the volume, etc. will be zero. SNGSP will not be bogged down by this, as it will progressively increase its internal precision in an effort to detect and measure a change. Solver cannot work if start values do not change with changes as per its setup computing sub-routines. SNGSP can use the value of a referenced cell for the set-cell value. As the value in the referenced cell changes with change of the variable cells, so will the problem target value change, until an equilibrium is reached. Solver cannot. SNGSP uses extensive branching routines to overcome non-linear hitches and limitations of finite precision computer arithmetic. Solver has more limitations in this respect. As computing progresses, should certain cells reach their threshold for upper or lower bounds or if they tend to cause the introduction of an error situation (#div0, #num, etc), those cells are blocked at their last acceptable value and computing continues with the remaining cells. Solver stops at the first encountered error. SNGSP is not an optimizing tool and so cannot compute for optimizing scenario where minimum, maximum and a set of constraints are set. Conversely, the optimizing tool, Solver as shipped free with Excel has a host of limitations and cannot backsolve/goalseek as effectively as SNGSP. SNGSP may be called programmatically from the user?s VBE but limited to 10 ranges. (This feature is under further development). Please check out this article on Excel GoalSeek and Solver limitations. SNGSP overcomes any of these with start values up to 120,000.
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