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JLearnItME is a multilingual dictionary. It contains most of the European languages (15 languages).If the word is not found, the nearest words are shown.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
Anthony Goubard
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1.96 Mb
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July 3, 2008
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JLearnItME is a multilingual translator for mobile phones. Features: * 15 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Latin and Czech. * The same dictionary can translate from any language to any language (eg: English-French and French-English) * Only 2.0MB for the 15 languages * Works on mobile that accepts Java application larger than 2.0MB. * User interface available in English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Czech * Create your own dictionary with JLearnIt (e.g.: only french<-Italian) * Browse the nearest words if you don't find a translation * Freeware
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