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The IdiomaX Mobile Translator converts your Pocket PC or Smartphone into a translation device that goes everywhere you do. Translate text, consult dictionaries, and conjugate verbs in five languages without missing a beat in your busy schedule.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
IdiomaX LLC
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25.18 Mb
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August 6, 2008
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The IdiomaX Mobile Translator converts your Pocket PC or Smartphone into a mobile translation device that goes everywhere you do. Translate text, consult dictionaries, and conjugate verbs in five different languages without missing a beat in your busy schedule. Translation Software You Take With You. It takes years to master just one language. The biggest challenge for most language learners is verb conjugation. Our mobile translation software does the work for you in record time, providing conjugation and translation in an instant. You get English, French, Spanish, Italian and German... all in the palm of your hand. With IdiomaX Mobile Translator, you can: -Conduct business, negotiate deals, and exchange messages in languages you don't speak. -Learn a new language while commuting or during down time. -Travel to foreign countries and communicate in their language. -Connect with friends, relatives and colleagues around the world. Stuck for a word or phrase in a foreign language? IdiomaX Mobile Translator gives you on-the-spot help. The translation software lets you read websites and other documents in another language, no matter where you are... in the car, bus, train or plane. Between classes or meetings. Between home and work. Anywhere, anytime. IdiomaX Mobile Translator Lets You: -Translate text that's typed in or copied from an application such as Pocket Word, Outlook, etc. -Search for words or phrases using built-in translation dictionaries. -Select source language and target language. -Conjugate verbs in five different languages. -Install other translation dictionaries on storage cards to expand number of languages. Language Pairs Included: - English to/from Spanish. - English to/from French. - Italian to/from Spanish. - Italian to/from German. - Italian to/from French. - Spanish to/from French. - English to/from Italian.
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