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Save time by creating macros to automate boring, repetitive computer tasks. Record keystrokes and mouse events, choose from over 25 Quick Wizards to guide you through the creation of macros, or write macros in the Script Editor.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
Insight Software Solutions
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August 17, 2012
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Use Macro Express to save time by creating macros to automate repetitive computer tasks. Record keystrokes and mouse events, choose from over 25 Quick Wizards to guide you through the creation of macros, or write macros in the Script Editor. Quickly insert text and international characters or populate a database with information from a file. Manipulate text strings, process math calculations, prompt users for input, back up files and much more.
Users reviews & testimonials

In the course of using Macro Express, I was named (by name) by my management for recognition of outstanding support in our corporate wide newsletter. Couldn’t have done it without Macro Express. This was a very complex task, interfacing to a few different applications, multiple screens and lots of "screen scraping" (via a Citrix session!), yet Macro Express rose to the occasion and has shined!

Sam Brook

I have tried VBA within MS Word, I tried to learn to use REBOL and JAVA. In little more time than I could write the "Hello World" beginner's scripts on those, with Macro Express I am up and running with functioning interactive macros and a stable, easy to install and use program on my network environment.

Ali Alomran

I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. I have had it for a few years now and I have used it at every computer job I have had. Anytime I have had a task that needed to be repeated multiple times I knew I could count on this program to make it easier and more efficient. From simple passwords to looking up and evaluating complicated values, it has not me failed yet.

Greg Trosko

Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy using Macro Express. It's one of the few programs on my computer that ALWAYS works. I use it every day and it really makes my life easier. My favorite macro is one I made that alerts me to ebay auction closings. A few minutes before the auction closes it starts up and plays the theme song from the old TV show "Coach". I know it's time to bid. Thanks again for a GREAT product!

This is the one piece of software that I cannot live without. I've been in IT and computing for 20+ years in technical and management roles and this rates unequivocally as the #1 most valuable software I've ever used. Other people in my team at the Corporation where I work have purchased it through the strength of my productivity savings.

Alvin S.

Thank you for Macro Express! I recall trying out Macro Express in college years ago (and loving it) and decided to try it out recently at work because my hands were aching constantly. After spending 2 hours constructing a macro to do a task I was expected to complete in a week, I was able to have the entire thing done by the end of the day! My boss is raving (and amazed) and the head doctor of the practice I work for is impressed. I wouldn't be surprised if I got a promotion soon. Thanks a ton!

Andrew Labovitch

I have used Macro Express and Shortkeys *every* day the last many years. I think it speeds up my work writing maybe 20% in efficency. Macro Express is great because it is a lot easier to make macros for MS Word in Macro Express than inside Word itself. I also save the macros outside Words templates, which sometimes disappear or otherwise get mixed up. Using Macro Express I have the macros available instantly and independantly of Office versions and installations. I also use Macro Express for my graphical work, since it enables me to have the *same* shortcuts for daily tasks like Close, Close All, Crop etc. in the different programs I use.

Stephen Page

It is simpler, easier to use, and better in every way that it's earlier versions, which were also excellent. I have been using your software products for years, and have always been eminently satisfied. You really have saved me a huge amount of work. Macros mean everything to me. I make movies in Studio 8 and without a macro program that program is exponentially more difficult to use. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.

David Blowes
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