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Easily create or arrange your own music. Produce accurate, customized sheet music, and create music that sounds great. Listen to the song while you follow the notes on your screen. Then edit the notation and the sound of the music.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/95/98
Notation Software, Inc.
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April 3, 2013
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Easily create or arrange your own music. Produce accurate, customized sheet music, and create music that sounds great. Listen to the song while you follow the notes on your screen. Then edit the notation and the sound of the music. Find music on the internet, and arrange it to suit your tastes and skills. Have serious fun making music with Notation Composer.
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I am very impressed with Notation Composer. With its highly competitive pricing it is an astounding value, in my opinion. It is amazing what you guys have created, and the great support you offer to your customers is obvious. This is the way software development should work! Everybody wins


I do enjoy this program very much. I am a classically trained violinist and recently joined a rock and blues band. This program has been invaluable to me, especially with the midi files I find on the internet. Adapting parts to the violin from these files with Notation Composer has been pretty much the only way I've been able to keep up with the rest of the band, who don't read music or understand why I can't just come up with improv stuff on the fly. This is a problem for nearly every classical violinist who makes the transition to rock or jazz or blues or whatever. Until the day when I break the code on that and have a fully trained ear, Notation Composer will be my guide.

Amy Klein

I have faithfully used (another program). This (other) program however costs £84 (about $150) and is hopeless at converting Midi to notation - I did not realize how hopeless until I got Notation Composer... I like Notation Composer mainly because it just gets on with it. I use it to create backing tracks to play along with on the violin, which I am learning (again!) The program is very flexible and so easy to manipulate.

Graham Raymond Wilson

Editing in Notation Composer is amazingly straightforward and comprehensive. Especially allowing both a clear-to-read notation while tweaking the absolutely performance-critical real-time attacks and durations. And the ability to simply draw in real-time dynamics alone is worth the price of admission, never mind all the other editing at your fingertips!

Tim Fatchen

It is very easy to add and move notes, split hands, change tempo, etc. No other program I've seen is this flexible and powerful. ...Note duration adjustment: This is super. It's very powerful because it is easy to use. Changing a section of notes to be more legato was a snap. ...Note Volume editor: Again super. I accidentally recorded a passage with my keyboard volume slider lower than usual. Therefore the notes sounded softer when played back by Composer. So I just opened up the Users Guide and it quickly showed me how to select certain notes or passages and change their volume. The 45 degree slash marks give a great visual reference of what changes have been made. ... I have to say that Notation Composer is stellar.

Michael Greer

I would like start by saying how much Notation Composer has simplified the

work that I do for the Peterborough Singers, producing practice CD and

downloadable tracks to improve the efficiency of members learning their

parts. Compared to [some other programs] both of which I have used over

the years, you have struck a balance between flexibility and complexity. For

the most part functions and features are intuitive. Most of the music I work

with is public domain, as the choir sings a lot of Bach, Handle, Mozart etc

as well as some contemporary composers. ... Thanks for a product well done, and well supported.

Dave Freeman

Composer has been priced to fit my budget in comparison to other notation programs and is easier to use and does just about all a musician could want to publish a piece of music. Working out band parts (instrument or vocals) has been useful to me and my church group. I do primarily my guitar part but another member of the band, a vocalist, has become a fan of the program so we both work together on a piece of music to benefit all our praise band members with all harmony parts and keyboard.

Larry Pregler

Until Composer came along... I would usually forget a particular theme or motif just about every time I thought I had something. Now if something is going on in my head, usually just a few notes or a few measures, I quickly record it into Composer and try to elaborate on it later.

Fred Winterling
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See the notes as you listen to your favorite music. Find and download MIDI files from the Internet using the built-in browser, and convert them to accurate sheet music. Sing along or practice your instrument while following the notes on the screen.