CAD KAS PDF Editor 3.2

"CAD KAS PDF Editor" snapshot

Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text (correct spelling errors) or delete words completely. Add or delete pictures and vector graphics and add text in any font you want! 11 new tools in the new version!

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Windows XP
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8.60 Mb
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May 26, 2011
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Description from the Publisher
Edit PDF files now! You can write annotations, add text, change the text (correct spelling errors) or delete words completely. Now you can also add or delete pictures and vector graphics and add text in any font you want! With the 11 new tools you can move and zoom the text and pictures and you can edit text blocks, insert empty lines or change the line breaks freely just like a text editor or word processor. Underline, highlight and strikeout text and edit bookmarks too. Change the order of the pages or delete pages. Also you can hide the information on a page so that it is invisible in the Acrobat Reader but can be unhidden later. You can change the page size or move the content. Add stamps like "Confidential" or "Top secret". The source code of the page (a language like HTML) is editable for you. Use the program to read and write encrypted pdf files. The program leaves the layout untouched after saving if you don't want to change it. New in version 2.5: 1)New function: File/Reduce file size 2)Stamp functions 3)Page numbers and headers/footers function 4)Search and replace for the document text and search only function 5)Multiple form fields can be selected New functions for form fields 6) Better file repair function for corrupted pdf files 7)Faster drawing of vector objects 30% faster 8)Free highlighting function without the need for text objects (scanned file) 9)Split text objects into parts (split table rows into columns) New in version 2.6: 1) New form elements (pro version): Listbox, Drop-Down box, Radiobutton 2) New annotation fields: rectangle, ellipse, line, pencil 3) Rotate form fields 4) Setup the view of the file when opening the pdf file (for example show/hide bookmarks) 5) Page setup function for a scaled printout 6) A double click on a page under "Pages" opens the page in the Editor New in version 3.1: 1) You can write characters in any language (unicode support) 2) Just add a new font which contains your characters
Users reviews & testimonials

I have been struggling using Acrobat to try and edit PDF's for years now. I did exactly what Andy from Scotland did, downloaded the trial version of PDF Edit 2.4, and within an hour purchased the Pro version.

Your simple interface and useful commands had me zipping through and editing text, logos and graphics in a sixty page PDF catalog. I finished this project in just over two hours, something that used to take me a couple of days !

I was also surprised to see all of the additional tools and built in functions. I thought I would have to purchase several of your applications to do the jobs I needed to do, but they were all included in PDF Edit, and all for only $99. Great product, great price, I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone. I am so impressed, I am actually sending you this email, something I have never done with any other software product !

Ross Lemire

I have tried several PDF Editor programs from other suppliers and all are quite expensive and offer limited features, most of them are also very complicated to use. I downloaded your demo version and after just 15 minutes of use I purchased the full version. It is easy and user friendly, comprehensive and full feature packed, it works and works well, I run Win XP Pro and it has no problems whatsoever from installation to use. It is an Excellent value for money (very cheap compared to most others) software tool that works 100% every time and allows editing of every PDF I have had need to edit (35 so far).

Thanks for bringing this to the market and at an affordable price! Fantastic, I recommend it to anyone who really needs a good quick and easy editor for all PDF documents. Good for home or company use, highly recommended to all users, give it a try, you will definitely buy!

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