TextPipe Standard 10.1

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Fast text manipulation and data extraction. Fix websites, database data and electronic text with pattern match, convert DOS/Unix end of line characters, restrict changes to line/column ranges, add/remove lines/columns, sort, split and join files

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Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000/Server
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23.34 Mb
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August 31, 2014
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Fast text manipulation and data extraction. Fix websites, database data and electronic text with pattern match, convert end of line characters, ANSI and Unicode maps, add or remove lines and columns, apply formatting, add line numbers, sort, split, join, restrict filters to line/column ranges, CSV or tab-delimited field ranges and much more! Winner of SIA "Best Application" award. "A text processing utility on steroids"-Win2000 Tips.
Users reviews & testimonials

It's hard to introduce TextPipe because nobody's ever seen anything like it before. When I saw a spreadsheet for the first time back in the 80's (Lotus 1-2-3 on DOS), I thought, wow, that's different and extremely useful. It's a eureka moment when you realize there's a new way to handle problems you deal with frequently. I had the same kind of moment when I discovered TextPipe. It's a whole new kind of software. It's not word processing; it's text processing.

It's more like a workbench than a toolbox, because it provides not only the tools you need to work with text, but also a work area that helps you try different things to zero in on a solution as quickly and with as little effort as possible.

Before TextPipe, I would be doing something tedious, usually with program code or a database, and I would think "this is a waste of time, but I'm too lazy to write a program to do this, or it would take longer to write the program than to do this tedious thing manually." Now I use TextPipe because it makes those tedious tasks easy to take care of, and I can make the most of my time.

TextPipe is for people who want to work smarter, not harder.

David Johnson

I use it handling differences in data interchange with our customer banks. But as I use this product, I am learning ways to eek value out of our investment. I used to have an entire folder full of quick little VB programs that I would write to fix up data, and I no longer use them. They all have been replaced by TextPipe.

Since I bought the product 20 days ago, I have replaced all of my other home-brew utilities and processed over 350GB of data.

Jeff W. Martin

I wanted to let you how much I've appreciated having TextPipe Pro in my "tool box". It is easily one of the best utilities I have ever used, particularly because it does text cleaning, correction, and organization with ease in ways other programs can't or do only with difficulty. I've found it particularly useful with e-mail feedback from website users. Those that submit comments don't always do it in a way that makes analysis easy. But TextPipe will put it in any standardized format I choose so I can upload it into a database or spreadsheet for further work. No other program I know of can do that.

TextPipe is great for a million other things that word processors and standard software can't do. You've a great product and the high quality of your service and nearly immediate response time has been equally spectacular.

(and later on...) I am a social researcher by trade, now getting into international work in the court community. I often have to work with very dirty / challenging data sets that haven't been properly edited or checked and that's when your product comes in very handy.

Edwin Kennedy

I just wanted to let y'all know that I can attribute my 7 person and growing company to TextPipe Pro. Practically every developer I've met has turned their nose up at TextPipe. It usually isn't long before a problem comes up, and I recommend a TextPipe solution, which they inevitably ignore, and then go screw up royally using some other method. Fortunately I have TextPipe to save the day. I'm not a developer, but maybe I should have been. To give you some idea, I've created over 300 TextPipe filters to accomplish various tasks. Some I've spent minutes on, some programs I've spent weeks on and contain over 30 unique filters. Anyway, enough about my TextPipe compulsions, I want to know how I can get a TextPipe Pro t-shirt so that I can sport it around the office. Thanks!

Joseph Ring

What I can say is that it's an incredible 'Swiss Army knife' of a tool that quickly became a part of my everyday work life. It was easy to pick up and apply on the fly to do things like text clean-up, perform columnar search and replace, reformatting output files, etc. You can use it the first minute you have it, but it's also something you'll grow into...

David Zimmerman

I use TextPipe on a daily basis, for any number of things from conversion of URLs (during the relocation of sites for example) to specialty art projects. Often I use your product to move a site from a test position on the web, where my client can easily view it secretly, to a more public location. I can safely say, however, that your product was indispensable in maintaining my portion of the Ohio University web sites, as well as my other clients, and will remain an indispensable tool on all my computers as long as I can imagine.

Steven Rutledge
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