Delete Skype Account 2.0.3

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Are you fed up with Skype? Want to get rid of your Skype account? Use Delete Skype Account program to clear all personal data from Skype clouds. The program also removes instant messages in your chat partners; and personal Skype files on the local PC

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Windows 7/Vista/Server
SoftComfort, Inc.
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7.56 Mb
Date added:
December 25, 2014
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Description from the Publisher
No matter what you call it - delete, cancel or remove - when you want to be rid of your Skype account. With Delete Skype Account program it takes only a few steps to say goodbye to your account. The program deletes all your personal data from Skype cloud such as: name, gender, age, etc. and your instant messages in your chat partners and all devices, so nobody will be able to restore them. Also the program clear your personal Skype files on PC.
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