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Step on the gas...and stay in control with XP Smoker Pro. Want your applications to run faster? Want to surf the Internet with blazing speed? You do not need a new computer. You simply need XP Smoker Pro.

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Windows XP
WareSoft Software
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2.57 Mb
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June 4, 2013
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Description from the Publisher
Improve the performance for your computer drastically. You can also stop and disable useless services in Windows XP. And in the end, you will reduce subsystem bottlenecks, increase application and boot speeds, and ultimately increase the stability of your system. Simple for Beginners. Powerful for Experts. And it really works!
Users reviews & testimonials

XP Smoker allows us very easily and very rapidly to configure our Windows XP computers to be the fastest they can be, at least as far as the operating system itself is concerned. With each new iteration of XP Smoker, additional tweaks and shortcuts are introduced. Not only does this help performance on our computers, but it allows us to incorporate new and improved fixes in an efficient way without worrying about the hassles of editing the registry (which can become very tedious over time.

Paul J.

XP Smoker has solved a great deal of performance and security issues with my PC, and it so worth the money that I paid for it. Installation is a no-brainer and the support site is on the excellence scale. At work, we use Windows as a vehicle to access our VMS and Linux servers, and also host the company help desk and web sites. When we roll out XP for the people in my office, I am going to purchase XP Smoker for everyone.

Martin Clayton

Working in a computer tech, support, administrator, and help desk role, you are always looking for ways to improve your boot up and shut down speed. You are also looking for ways to squeeze just a little more performance out of your machine. XP-smoker is just the right tool to help you get there. When I build a machine, or upgrade a system with XP on it my last step of the upgrade is to recommend XP-smoker. I install XP-Smoker use the recommended settings and the machine performance instantly improves at least 50 to 75% faster!I highly recommend XP-Smoker as a necessity to your XP Operating System.

John Maultsby

I really am a sworn die hard to your XP Smoker. I have ventured outside with other products - just to see how they measure up. There is no comparison.


Wow, what a great product. I downloaded your TCP/IP fix after a day of frustration and unresponsive efforts and within 10 seconds it worked! Should have tried XP Smoker first! I was so impressed; I purchased XP Smoker Pro and have now optimized my system. If there were an Olympic medal for optimizing systems, this one would take gold. I'm one happy Canuck!

Elwin Mark

Having tried many such programs out I stumbled onto XP Smoker. After using it a couple of times I bought it. Great value for money. They then improved on the product with the release of XP Smoker Pro with even more options to help run a smooth system and only a few bucks extra to upgrade. Talk about value for the money. I would recommend this program to everyone.

Clarke Wilford

I have read many computer magazines and am still surprised that none of the magazines reviewed XP Smoker Pro. I will contact the magazines about this fine software utility. Playing the newer games under Win XP Pro never had a crashed system. I have a couple of older games (2003) that will unexpectedly quit under Win XP. After trying out XP Smoker to disable unneeded services and started in gaming mode, the older games no longer crashed my high-end computer. Keep up the good work. I first heard about XP Smoker while searching retail utilities software in the Sam's Club website.

Michael Greer
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