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Internet Explorer windows application password retrieval and unmask software recovers forgotten passwords. Windows internet explorer password rescue software restores passwords for websites saved in Internet Explorer history as a local password list.

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Windows 95/98
Free Password Unlock
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48 Kb
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November 11, 2009
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Internet explorer password recovery software extracts all content advisor passwords and auto complete data string. Internet explorer password recovery tool provides comprehensive solution to retrieve lost internet explorer database files. Internet explorer password recovery software supports all latest versions of internet explorer and Windows operating system. Internet explorer password retrieval tool rescues multilingual password encoded behind asterisk characters. Internet explorer password recovery software provides one click password recovery solution. Internet explorer password retrieval and unmasking utility provides an easy way to manage and protect the login information for different sites. Internet explorer password recovery software has a powerful and easy to use graphical interface which helps in effective retrieval of password. Internet explorer password retrieval application saves retrieved password at user specified location. Internet explorer password rescue tool recovers all passwords or can transfer them from one system to other. Internet explorer password salvage application is flexible, customizable and highly optimized password recovery tool that offers best performance for retrieving most complex Microsoft Internet explorer saved passwords in few seconds. Features: * Internet explorer password retrieval application supports all version of Microsoft Internet explorer. * Internet explorer password supports recovery of multilingual passwords. * Internet explorer password rescue tool supports all major email group accounts like Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Rediff mail and many more. * Internet explorer password salvage software retrieves FTP password, Auto complete field password and other similar IE saved passwords.
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