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Office Password Unlocker 4.0 is the easiest solution to password recovery for Office documents. It is to recover MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access passwords to all versions from 97 to 2007 easily, safely and efficiently.

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Windows 95/98
Password Unlocker
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12.86 Mb
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October 22, 2009
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Office Password Unlocker 4.0 is the easiest solution to password recovery for Office documents. It is to recover MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access passwords to all versions from 97 to 2007 easily, safely and efficiently. This password recovery tool supplies three attack modes to ensure the password recovery. Additionally, you are easy to remove both the 'password to open' and 'password to modify', making it possible for you not only to open but to modify the document. Functions as a Word password breaker, Excel password finder, and PowerPoint and Access keys, it is super easy to use! Just give the full path of your Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Access to the program and with a mouse click to the 'Start' button on the program will be OK. There is no related knowledge required, even a newbie can manipulate successfully. Additionally, through the whole process, there is no human interaction needed, you just leave the program to do the job will be OK. Empowered with the three attack modes, brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack, it also works dynamically and efficiently. The program will do a full-scale detection and try countless possibilities to attack the password until the result appears! The featured point of this program is that the program offers an attack scheme for specific password case. For example, you can select brute-force attack mode to attack the password, if you can't remember anything at all about the password. You can try brute-force with mask attack mode, if you can remember part of the password, like the length, any capital, any digits in the password, etc. If you are sure of your password characters, then try the dictionary attack for a smarter attack by creating your own dictionary for the program to base on. Thanks to the permission to set the computer CPU priority, this program will be greatly increased in its performance and accelerated with its speed!
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