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Word Password Unlocker 4.0 is a simple tool for the easiest solution to Word password recovery. It recovers/removes the "Password to Open" and "Password to Edit" for you to view and edit the documnent freely.

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Windows XP, Other
Nemo Banda
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2.88 Mb
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October 10, 2011
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Word Password Unlocker 4.0 is a premium program with powerful functions. The three attack modes brute-force attack, brute-force with mask attack and dictionary attack are strong enough to recover passwords of any length and complexity. You can not only use it to recover passwords that simply composed with digits but also use it to recover passwords containing special characters like pond, dollar, space and slashes, etc. The password recovery speed is high over 220,000 passwords per second which seldom programs could reach. The brute-force attack lets you get into the password recovering in no time. Even a new user can fully control the software in less than a minute to recover the password with brute-force attack. The brute-force with mask attack is amazing! If you still remember part of your password, its features or attributes, then you are half of the way to successfully recovering the password! The best in it is that the program allows you to offer password traces to it, dramatically reducing the calculation load of the program, saving time. For example, you remember your password is 6-character long, with the initial character is "A" and the last one is "#", then your password is something like A****#. The program receives your information and will calculate the 4 characters in the middle instead of the whole six characters! The dictionary attack is terrific as well. A dictionary is the file the program based on to find the password. You are even allowed to create such a dictionary! If the dictionary is listed with characters or character sets that you frequently used as your password components and the program starts to calculate based on this dictionary instead of the one listing seas of characters and character sets that may just irrelevant to your password. What will it be? The password may be recovered in 3 minutes instead of 3 hours or even 3 days!
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