Image Verification Service ( CAPTCHA ) 1.0

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Image Verification code and script to facilitate Human verifications on any of your webpage in any programming language!!!!

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
cyber infrastructure tld
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August 27, 2007
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Who needed CIS Image Verification code and script: Online Forums, Online Feedback forms, Online Request form etc... Spammers, Automated scripts may post any text related, unrelated on your pages. Stopping them doing so is hard by normal programming efforts and is necessary! For an example think you have a kids related forum and how terrible it is having a post with a link to a porn website. It is a kind of irresponsible marketing practice for website promotions. It doesn't matter it is intentional or un-intentional. How CIS Image Verification code and script works: You needed to paste Single line Java script code will Initiate CIS Image verification code and script Engine to generate an Image using 'Random Numbers, Characters and Background' and will place it on your webpage automatically. As it do not have its own Submit button to facilitate any king of webpage with CIS Image Verification code and script protection with own Form Submit buttons. On your form submit Event handler you will place single line checking code, which will call CIS Image verification code and script engine with the value entered by user to check if it is correct or not. Based on the response in Yes/ No you can have your own validations. As CIS Image Verification code and script generates images with three variables Random Numbers, Characters and Backgrounds, and keeps the Verification code in its own hands, it will be real hard for any one to break or guess the Verification Code using automation. How easy to Implement CIS Image Verification code and script: Just Sign Up FREE at and create your account with this service and to place small Java Script code on your WebPages. See how to use ASP,PHP, CGI examples to know more about it.
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