360 Spy Software 2012 10.27

"360 Spy Software 2012" snapshot

Invisible keylogger, Facebook, Skype, MSN & Yahoo IM spying software.

Software information
Windows 7/XP
eMatrixSoft, Inc.
File size:
2.92 Mb
Date added:
May 29, 2011
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Description from the Publisher
360 Spy Software is a secret keylogger, Facebook, Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) and Yahoo Messenger spying software. It also records web visits, emails read, online searches, shopping records, etc. You can view logs on the monitored computer or receive reports remotely via emails or ftp, like every 60 minutes. It has extremely easy- to-use interface even for computer beginners.
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Power Spy secretly logs Facebook, Skype, keystrokes, chats & IMs, emails, web visits, microphone, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches and more. It also takes screenshots like a spy camera. Automatically sends logs to your email.

Secretly logs Facebook use, keystrokes, chats & IMs, web cam, emails, microphone, web visits, games, online searches, user names, passwords and more. It also takes screenshots like a spy camera. You can receive logs via email or ftp.

Power Spy secretly logs Facebook, Skype, keystrokes, chats & IMs, emails, web visits, microphone, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches and more. It also takes screenshots like a spy camera. Automatically sends logs to your email.

Power Spy secretly logs Facebook, Skype, keystrokes, chats & IMs, emails, web visits, microphone, video talk, logins, passwords, applications, searches and more. It also takes screenshots like a spy camera. Automatically sends logs to your email.

Power Spy secretly logs Facebook use, keystrokes, chats, emails, websites, microphone and more. It takes screenshots like a surveillance camera. It displays exact activity, like Facebook, games, online searches, shopping records and webmails.