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The online activities of kids and spouses no longer have to be a mystery thanks to REFOG Keylogger. This keylogger software not only records keystrokes but also creates a log of visited web sites and used software for each individual user.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
ReFog Software
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8.77 Mb
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May 6, 2014
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With REFOG Keylogger, family hardware activities are no longer a secret. Instead, the keylogger software keeps track of what each user is typing, which sites are being visited, what software are being used, and what images are being viewed. All of this info is recorded by the undetected program that runs 24/7. With comprehensive reports on each user's activities, guardians no longer have to worry about their children's activities.
Users reviews & testimonials

I have been using REFOG Keylogger for over 2 years now and its a brilliant piece of software. It allows you to monitor everything happening on the host computer and you dont have to be behind the computer to see what is hapenning. All keystrokes, screen shots etc are sent to you defined email. I now know what my kids are doing on their computer and that enables me to correct them once they visit sites that are not appropriate for their age. Good work to you and your company

Andy Morgan

First of all I want to say thank you for your application, I'll be honest with you, I used the keylogger because I was supposing that a person, that I love with all my heart very close to me was thinking to leave me, for another man. Thank to that software I found my supposing as right suppose, looking what was writing, I was able to know where I did wrong with that person, and then I was able to talk with that person, placing in the right place all the pieces of the puzzle of our life. Now me and that person lives together in perfect harmony and love.

David Giordano

I would like to thank everyone behind this product for everything they have put into this program to make it what it is today. REFOG Keylogger does exactly what it says it does, but the result is so much greater. I downloaded the Keylogger to test it first because at the time I suspected my wife having an affair and that her primary mean of contact was FaceBook. Now trust me when I say that I tried everything I could to capture her FaceBook password, not to mention the amount of hours it took me. It all FAILED!!!! I came across REFOG Keylogger by accident, downloaded it and configured it. During the time I was testing it I was able to capture her FaceBook password, and to my disbelieve more than what I would ever have liked to capture. Needless to say I moved out the same day I downloaded REFOG KeyLogger. It is scarry to see what information gets captured by this small but powerfull program. If you really need to capture information entered via keyboard - STOP searching when you get to REFOG Keylogger - it's worth all your efforts and more.

Tino Fourie

Allowing young children free access to the internet is essential these days where much of their school work is web-based. It is equally important to protect them from the risks lurking on the web. I have tried other keylogger software and non have provided me the capability to monitor my children's activities and provide them a safe and free environment to work in. On the occasion that I have needed technical assisstance, REFOG staff were quickly able to provide a working solution via their web-support.

Rahat Hassan
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