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Zeus is an easy to use Intelligent, Internet Robot, that creates traffic to your web site, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams. Zeus creates thousands of link trades with relevant web sites that you choose...and it's FREE!

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98
Cyber-Robotics, Inc.
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28.81 Mb
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October 6, 2011
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Description from the Publisher
Zeus is the original Internet Robot. Zeus creates web site traffic, almost immediately, in numbers beyond your wildest dreams. Zeus creates thousands of link trades by automatically finding web sites that you train him to find. then Zeus does 95% of the work of Link Marketing. Zeus is the only web crawling linking robot. Why is a web crawler so good? Zeus uses keywords and keyword phrases to select web sites with which you can link. It's FREE!
Users reviews & testimonials

Thank you Zeus! I started utilizing this incredible tool in July of 2006 and realized a nearly immediate increase in my page rank and my traffic doubled. Each time I republish my directory, I note an increase in sources of traffic! What a great return on investment!! The learning curve to using Zeus Internet Marketing Robot is minimal and well worth every minute.

Andy Morgan

I started with the Zeus Freebie version two days Ago. Wow !! I'm so happy with the ease of use, the results are fantastic, and even I can understand the easy to follow tutorials! I bought the Zeus Pro today ! I'm so excited ! I can't wait to see the results of one week of daily work. Already on my first site, I have more than the other company got, in 4 months! Wow.. That's hitting where the money is!! And it's fun!!

Yang Yang Li

Zeus is a great tool for link trading, as it provides the information you need for each site it visits, such as the number of links, the sites score and a contact e-mail address. All the information needed to make the right decision on whether or not you want to trade links with the site is clearly displayed, making the link process very easy.

Sylvia Cannon

For over 6 years, I've known that I've needed links but It's never made it to my short list of things to do. Too daunting. Where there's a way there's a will. I'm doing it now thanks to Zeus. It's not only the best way to build links it's one of the more intuitively designed pieces of software I've ever met. I'm very wary of traffic building tools--there are so many scams out there. This is anything but a scam. It's a real gift.

Jeremy Sherma

Having used Zeus on my first site for just a few months i've already achieved a PR of 3 on Google - Now with the launch of a New site using Zeus from the outset was part of my initial set-up. Without a doubt its easy to use and by far the most effective Link builder I have used.

Keith Burnham

Zeus - is indeed the GOD of finding sites to create link exchanges. I was lost, I am not new to SEO. I have been around the block hunting up websites for companies, I knew where to look.... Till a particular client came to me and said I hear linking is a way to boost your Search Rank. When I told him yea it is, he said can you do it for me. Naturally I said sure, there has to be tons of places I can find you link partners. Then I looked, where normally I would have found links without a problem, there was. Then I turned and tried Zeus... first I was apprehensive... till it found 50 sites (35 of which made a good match for the website)... That was all I needed to know, I bought the program then and there and have not turned back since. Oh and for that hard to find link exchange website in 1 week we went from 0 to 250 link partners. Currently I have Zeus looking for sites for three clients, and it is finding more in a night of running than I can keep up with. Unleash that power of Zeus John Birrenbach Consulting - Since the late 80's I have been marketing on the net.!

John Birrenbach

I started my site in early May. I have slaved for hours every day getting just the right keywords in my meta tags, resubmitting to search engines, reading articles about search engines optimization, buying banner ads, etc. I did all that work just to build my site up to about 100 unique visitors per day. I downloaded Zeus about 4 weeks ago. With Zeus working on my behalf, I already have over 500 unique visitors per day! Before Zeus I spent months trying to get traffic to my site with no luck and it only took Zeus 4 weeks. I wish I would have found this software in May."

Bill Williams

Starting a Zeus reciprocal link system does take quite a bit of effort and time, especially in the beginning. However, the payoff is worth every minute of it! Plus, working with Zeus is a lot of fun and very rewarding. I gave "Ease of Use" the highest ranking, although it took me a little time to familiarize myself with Zeus in the beginning. However, the immediate and friendly response to my questions helped me over any hurdles rather quickly. Customer Service definitely deserves an A+. In my humble opinion, it can't get any better than Zeus.

We have been using Zeus for the past four years, starting with the earlier version that was tough to master. Our link directory took a while to build and underwent a number of revisions, but the results have been phenomenal. Our several sites have been #1 for their primary keywords on Google for some time, and are in the top 10 for several secondary key words as well. We now consistently get over 5000 virtual visitors a day without paying a penny for click throughs. The primary reason is that we followed the Zeus guidelines closely and created a lot of link popularity.