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The Fortune3 shopping cart software offers the most advanced Ecommerce solution to sell products from your own online store. It includes a professional HTML editor and unlimited functions to fully design your Ecommerce Website and online storefront.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/95/98
FORTUNE3 Ecommerce Shopping Cart Corp
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55.18 Mb
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October 3, 2010
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The Fortune3 online shopping cart software offers the most advanced Ecommerce solution to sell your products and services from your own online store. You can even sell your digital products: pictures, software, music, etc. It includes a professional HTML editor and unlimited functions to fully design your E-Commerce Website and to build your online storefront for both retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) Ecommerce Web sites at once.
Users reviews & testimonials

I have spent a lot of time building an online store with free and low priced shopping cart software. I also tried this software. I must say that you will have to invest a great deal of time to create a good ecommerce web site, and at the end you will find out that most shopping carts will disappoint you. So I recommend this Ecommerce program, even if you pay more, you'll save time and be satisfied with the price.

Todd Schmidtt

I discovered this online store software a month ago to build a jewelry store with over 9,000 products. I already imported all the data from a CD including the pictures. The shopping cart is ready to run and my Web design looks great. It is fully customizable and accepts changes.

Emilio Altaras

I downloaded the new version 7.0 of the fortune3 web store builder and tried the new algorithm of this shopping cart software. I can now build fully customizable web pages for categories and products. Of course, you must have good skills in html coding before modifying or creating a custom template to be published on the online store. A one step checkout option has been added. I've been using the fortune3 wizard for the last 3 years for professional web development. I like this ecommerce solution rather than the others because it is powerful enough and very easy to use as well. It accepts unlimited products and runs fast from my own pc. It also offers google checkout and paypal express checkout, so I don't have to pay extra for an online merchant account or gateway. Cons: still waiting for the stand alone version

Eric Pollak

If you want to use an excellent shopping cart, this is my opinion: As you'll be selling online and making money, why would you be looking for low-end software? The Fortune3 shopping cart is not free neither expensive; in my experience it is the best software for online ecommerce. You can shop around and find free and low priced carts as well, but you'll probably regret the headaches. I already went through those headaches. Before making a decision you should consider that building and maintaining an online store requires a lot of your energy and time. It is better to use good software to simplify your life. Not available yet to run in your own server

Sandra Cohen

Thank you for recommending this shopping cart. I tested it, the shopping cart wizard software installed successfully on my pc. It performance is good, like no other ecommerce software that I've tried. The small online store that I built looks neat and professional. I selected one of the many template designs that come with the program. I also like how fast and simple to use this online shopping cart is. I didn't t have to worry about my website design. I hope that the SEO (search engine optimization) that the company offers is true. I believe they do, because I made some queries in google for some of the products offered by the featured ecommerce stores appearing in the Fortune3 web site; and some of the results are in google s first page: so far so good.

Marlene Slater

This online shopping cart is very different from the rest: The data entry process is easy. I imported all my product (about 2,500) data from QuickBooks. Of course, QuickBooks accounting software doesn't provide the categories. What I did is to get the products imported into the product list window of the fortune3 wizard software, and then I created the categories through the product tree graphical interface, and dragged and dropped the products in groups by using the CTRL key into their corresponding categories within the tree. It could not be easier. Sales can be exported to QuickBooks as well. I highly recommend this complete E-Commerce solutions program.

Leon Brinkley

We are located in France, but we create all our computer stuff and web site development from Germany, and your customer service is excellent. Now we are interested in buying a server license of the best shopping cart software. We know that it is not possible yet, although I have this suggestion for you guys: You have built the greatest ecommerce software in existence to create and manage website storefronts and online stores: Please wake up and start selling the server licenses for hosting in other web servers. It would make your company huge.

Francoise Cisneros

Creates online store fast and easy to use ecommerce solutions software. Full administration control menu and options. Price Ok, good value for a complete e-commerce solution web site store front. Best shopping cart I've tried. Only remotely hosted, but I want to purchase the software to host in my own server.

George Wicker
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The Fortune3 shopping cart software offers the most advanced Ecommerce solution to sell products from your own online store. It includes a professional HTML editor and unlimited functions to fully design your Ecommerce Website and online storefront.

Shopping cart software, E-Commerce solutions software - Ecommerce Web site builder: Create a professional online store - Website selling and online order processing in real-time for both retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) business.