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Small Internet radio Windows software that runs invisibly in the background and is still nice to control. Not even a click is required to open the software. Volume and new station can be easily adjusted.

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Windows 7/Vista/XP
Windows Software
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475 Kb
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June 5, 2009
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Small Internet radio software that runs invisibly in the background and is still easy to control. Not even a click is required to open the software. Volume and new station can be easily adjusted. Thousands of stations available, always fresh, not dead, no annoying interruptions when changing channels. One click and you're done, everything runs automatically in the background. All you need is to adjust the music you like to hear, for example you like house music, so you enter the keyword ?house? in the search box, after a while your music begins. Not just any music, but one of the best. The control of the software was never that simple. ExplRadio runs invisibly in the background. To open it just move your mouse to the upper left corner of your screen and it will appear automatically. Once it is visible you can use your mouse to do the following: - If the program is first visible, use just a single click to jump a new station, because the mouse pointer is automatically over the 'Next' button. - To change the volume, rotate your wheel on your mouse. No click required. You could use ExploRadio even with closed eyes. - Music can be directly entered in the search box. Once you entered and pressed the return key the application closes and your new music will start in few moments. - to hide the software just move your mouse away. Minimalist Buttons, total simplicity, pleasure for the ears.
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