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Listen to all 30,000+ webradio stations of the world. Find stations by name, genre, country, and frequently played artists. Manage favorite stations. Subscribe, download, convert & enjoy podcasts

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Windows 7/Vista/XP
RapidSolution Software AG
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60.12 Mb
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January 6, 2010
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Radiotracker Free is your solution to accessing all radio stations of the world! Radiotracker is the most powerful webradio player that is available. Its database contains more than 30,000 webradio stations, all major stations of the world are included, and all major streaming formats are supported. You get powerful tools to browse and find your favorite stations: Search by station name, browse by music genre, browse by country or restrict by quality (bitrate). It is even possible to locate radio stations based on frequently played artists. Every station can be played immediately. Organize your favored stations in several favorite lists, so that you can play your station by one click. Switch between favorite lists with ease. Additionally, you will be supplied with one of the most complete podcast databases containing tens of thousands of the best podcasts of the world. Easily find them, subscribe to them, download their episodes, and enjoy them. It?s a huge source of free high quality entertainment. As Bonus, you can convert any podcast episodes ?on the fly? to a file format of your desire, so it will work on all your devices. Whether you just like to listen to music, or be entertained by all kinds of shows, or are interested in news and reports about specific topics ? Radiotracker free will provide it all to you.
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