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Kudaz is a programmer's source/text/HTML editor with syntax-highlighting capabilities that currently supports 45 languages/scripts all told. Includes handy features for HTML/web document editing.Word-wrap, bookmarks, auto-completion, -correction...

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
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December 22, 2005
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Now portable Kudaz MDI has various features to help users edit text/programming source files and to serve as web-authoring editor with its rich syntax-highlighting feature: Users can create/modify/remove/add/insert text snips as many and as many times as he or she wants via Sniptxt panel. They can be classified and categorized as a group for easy identification and re-use. Folders panel saves users a lot of task switching. Users can pre-define templates for creating initial source code structures for programming modules or any other context. Prefix/suffix is another handy feature. Line sorting feature is for sorting lines in ascending/descending order with or without case-sensitivity. Kudaz's filters are user-configurable too(remove/add/change order). Various start-up options(can start with a user-defined template). Key features: Project Panel. Find In Files. Unix/Macintosh format support. 10 Bookmarks. Auto-correction. Auto-completion. Advanced MRU manager. Auto-indent. Backup creation. Block-indent/-outdent(+ optional tab-indent). Exporting syntax source as HTML/RTF. Few but handy HTML-related functions. Advanced find/replace. Flexible user-configurable file filters. Highlighting the current line. HTML Color palette. HTML Quick Table wizard. HTML tag stripping. Line spacing. Line-sorting. Match Bracket. Multiple Undo/Redo. Powerful Sniptext panel that accommodates user-defined text snips. Prefixing/suffixing lines. Removing empty lines only. Removing lines containing/missing certain text. Line numbers. Shows opened file attributes on the status bar. Space Compression. Tab-to-space conversion. Trimming leading/trailing blanks on the spot(trim trailing spaces on save). Column selection support. Useful and handy Folders panel for quick access to files and folders User-configurable programming source template support. User-definable file types for View In Browser operation Automatic file change detection. Visible right edge indicator line. Opening files from user-specified Favorite Folders. And more...
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