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Discus features Tank different species of discus fish including Albino Discus, Tangerine, yellow Discus, Marlboro red Discus, Pigeon Blood Discus in a clear water of the Amazon River with planted Amazon Broadleaf, java Fern

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/95/98, Other
MAC N PC Software
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March 6, 2017
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Introducing the majestic, graceful, and dignified Discus fish 'Discus Tank' the 'King of the Aquarium Fishes' is a Wallpapers or Screen Saver features different species of discus fish including Albino Discus, Tangerine, Yellow Discus, Marlboro Red Discus, Pigeon Blood Discus, and Guppies in a clear water of the Amazon River with planted Amazon Broadleaf, Java Fern, and Amazon Sword plants, drift woods, and river rocks. Discuses are found in many of the rivers and lakes the mighty Amazon River basin in South America. They are highly esteemed within the fish keeping hobby due to their dramatic coloring, refined shape, and regal bearing and are widely considered to be the pinnacle of tropical fish keeping. These quiet, peaceful, graceful, and elegant creatures inspire appreciation and dedication like no other fish. The tank bred varieties are widely divergent from the wild caught discus and tend to be better adapted to tank life, requiring less stringent care than their wild caught Discuses. Even so, tank bred Discus are more demanding of good water quality, require a larger aquarium, and are more expensive than many tropical fish, and even the most experienced and dedicated aquarist will find these fish a challenging and rewarding experience. But no worries! with this animated wallpaper, you will be able to display this magnificent fish in the maintenance-free and feeding-free Discus Tank Aquarium right on your desktop.
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