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The Guppies Deluxe Aquarium features assorted Guppies including Fancy Guppies, and Millions fish in a well-planted aquarium with crystal clear water.

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Windows 7/8/10/Vista/XP/Server/95/98, Other
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March 6, 2017
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The Guppies Deluxe Aquarium features assorted Guppies including Fancy Guppies, and Millions fish in a well- planted aquarium with crystal clear water. The Guppies originally come from rivers of South and Central America. The various forms of the Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millions fish are the best known and most popular aquarium fish. This species offers a large selection of colors and shapes with no two fish look exactly alike. Guppies are an all-time favorite of both beginners and experienced fish keepers! The active Guppy, Fancy Guppy, or Millions fish form loose schools and are always on the move and are very peaceful community fish and easily kept with other livebearers like Mollies, and Swordtails. The intend of animated wallpapers and screen savers is to relief you of responsibility of feeding the fish and aquarium maintenance so there is no excuse of not having a Guppies Deluxe Aquarium on your desktop. If you would like a bigger aquarium just hook up your desktop or lap top to your big-screen TV via HDMI connection this will turn your TV into a magnificent and giant aquarium of fish.
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