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Nemo The Clown Aquarium animated wallpaper and screen savers, also known as the 'Clowns' of the sea features a variety of clown fishes including Black Percula,

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March 6, 2017
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Nemo The Clown Aquarium animated wallpaper and screen savers, also known as the 'Clowns' of the sea features a variety of clown fishes including Black Percula, Orange Percula, Maroon Percula, scientific name (Amphiprion ocellaris), Amphiprion polymnus, also known as the Saddleback Clown fish, Moorish Idol, also known as (Gill) from the Finding Nemo disney movie, Dory (Regal Blue Tang), Hammerhead Shark, and Bubbles (Yellow Tang), Sea Dragon and Sea Horse. The Clownfish are some of the most popular fish in the saltwater aquarium hobby. They are very beautiful, quickly catching the eye, and fun to watch. Even before Nemo became a household name they were extremely popular. Many marine enthusiasts enter the hobby simply because of their attraction to these colorful beauties. The Clown fish are commonly known as Anemone fish though in the aquarium hobby they are more popularly called Clown fish. Their colorful appearance and comical swimming style is truly clown-like. However true to their Anemone fish name, you will often see them nestled in an anemone. All other fish will avoid anemones due to their stinging tentacles while Clown fish can have an immunity to these stings. In the wild they actually live in a symbiotic relationships with certain anemones and benefit from each other?s company for food and protection. The two most common Clown fish seen in the aquarium hobby are the two from the Percula Complex. These species have also been bred in captivity with a number of color morphs being developed. The Percula Clown fish Amphiprion percula is a well known favorite classic in orange contrasted with white markings and a unique variety of this species has been developed that has an elongated horizontal white band in the center of its body. The Ocellaris Clown fish is very similar in appearance to the Percula Clown and is often mistaken for it as they both have the classic orange coloring and contrasting white markings.
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