ThaiTrainer111 4.4

ThaiTrainer111 gives you a quick and easy way to independently study and learn the Thai language. This language uses its own individual alphabet and grammar. It is therefore not possible to compare it to any of the European languages. Of course, this does not make learning Thai easy. ThaiTrainer111 will help you over the most difficult hurdles. We have included phonetic texts in English as well as spoken text in this program. This enables you, while bypassing written Thai, to learn to pronounce correctly. Furthermore, and this is an exclusive feature, we offer a word for word translation of spoken Thai, enabling you to experience the structure and grammar of this language firsthand. By means of multiple-choice questions you can measure your progress and test your knowledge. Using the soundtrack you can listen to the exact pronunciation, and get a good feel for the ring of spoken Thai. There is now an added feature i.e. the spoken text is now switchable between a male and a female voice. Since a lot of the tones and vowels sound unusual to our ears, this is a most valuable tool. The text was spoken by Thai-students and is thus an exponent of how this language is used today. On a PC with lesser screen resolution, such as a netbook (Asus eee for example) our program automatically switches to the screen resolution used. · Thai narration – Female or male voice switchable · Progress can be saved. · multiple-choice questions · examples out of everyday life · dictionary function · illustrations · 90 lessons · Operates also on Netbook. Program menus in English, German, French, Dutch

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