DEFA 1.00

Not secret, that removed with computer file possible easy to restore. State Special Service use for this special technology, which reads the remaining magnetization on pancake of the winchester. Program DEFA changes in file all bytes by symbol 0FFh. With the result that all bits of the file correspond in unit. Hereon program again changes file - symbol "?". Whereupon definitively deletes changed file. State Special Service will don't care be able to restore the remote file. But is contents this transcribed file impossible restore. Program DEFA - very powerful instrument. Use her attentively! For instance, command to delete D:\ - deletes ALL on your drive D !!! Respectfully yours, author of the program.
We are sorry. This software is not accessible to download anymore. This is only an archive version of information about this product. Because of it, we can't provide you the download link.