Super DeDupe 2

Super DeDupe is a software that allows you to find and remove duplicate files on your computer. If you have large collections of photos, images, music and documents, you have probably encountered annoying repetitions of the same file in all the different places. Super DeDupe will help you clean up your collections and quickly get rid of useless copies. * Fast duplicate search in specified folders. You can perform searches in one folder or many folders and even hard drives at once. * Find duplicates by content. You can be sure that copies won't be able to hide behind a different name and the found files will be 100% identical. * Search inside archives. Currently supported archive formats are RAR, ZIP and 7z. * Find audio copies by sound. Super DeDupe can compare music files by how they sound (ignoring format or bit rate). Check it out! * Find audio copies by tags. Plug-ins allow you to work with multiple formats of tags and audio files. * High performance. Find copies on multiple hard drives, in archives and over network connections. The program won't slow you down even if you analyze tens of thousands of duplicates. * Saving and loading results. You don't need to clean everything up in one go. Continue your work some other day. * Folder size display. Find locations that need cleaning up in the first place * Designed to meet your needs. If there's a feature you would like to have or change, drop us a line. * User-friendly interface. Super DeDupe has a simple and clear modern look. * Export to Microsoft Excel. Analyze the results in applications you are familiar with or print them out. * File removal protection. Check critical folders and files and don't worry about their integrity anymore. * Easily configured to meet user requirements. You can set all the necessary search parameters to achieve whether high speed or search depth.
We are sorry. This software is not accessible to download anymore. This is only an archive version of information about this product. Because of it, we can't provide you the download link.