Sujiva 1.9

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server/95/98
Falcoware Software Company
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112.75 Mb
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July 30, 2014
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Welcome to the world of steampunk, a vast world of steam engines, fantasy creatures, and, of course, magic. The main character is a girl named Hoshi, a member of the Order of Astral Hunters sent to the southern region of a mysterious country, “Sujiva” in search of the legendary Mighty Sujivsk. According to legend, Mighty Sujivsk can help the Order to establish its authority throughout the astral plane. Sujiva is a dangerous place where eternal night reigns, and around every corner lurks some undead monster. This region is ruled by militant Brown Dwarfs, which only complicates the path to any traveler who had the stupidity to get here in the first place. - Adventure in the first person - Global map locations without downloads. Complete freedom of action - do what you want and go wherever you want - Gnomes, zombies, skeletons, orcs and other creatures armed with steampunk weapons - Five types of weapons, from the sword to a Quadruple gun with black powder bullets - Open World. You can always return to any place of Sujiva - New engine modification, Derrek Quest 6, based on Unity3d using the most advanced shading, particles, shadows and dynamic lighting - On modern computers the use of DirectX 11 renderer is included - Accurate physics and destructible objects - Universal Compatibility: The package includes versions for Windows and Linux (both systems are also 32 and 64 bit compatible) - Wonderful violin soundtrack immerses you even deeper into the steampunk atmosphere System requirements for "maximum graphics": - Windows XP, 7, 8 x32/x64 (or Linux x32/x64, tested on Ubuntu) - 2 GB RAM - DirectX 9 or higher (for Windows version) - 400 MB of free hard disk space - Video OpenGL, DirecX compatible, at least 1024 MB Game help: 1,2,3,4,5 - choice of weapons F6 - install astral beacon (for preservation) F8 - return to the lighthouse (the current weapon is lost, monsters recover, there will be only a sword to use) ESC - leave the lighthouse and return to the astral plane M - Map of South Sujiva SPACE - jump CTRL - squat (increases shot precision) SHIFT - run Q - decelerate time (helps quickly make a decision in difficult situations) TAB - pause R - reload weapon E - use item LMB - shot / blow If you are killed, you will return to the last set lighthouse, with monsters and weapons being reset. You will only have the sword, which can the strongest weapon in the game, but only during a melee. When a key is located, remember to place a beacon so that it won’t be lost. Also remember that the character must eat and drink, so look for food and water in canteens or camps. Maximum number of units of life of the hero is 200, but regeneration is good only for up to 100, so take great care of the extra lives! Stay safe in quiet places where enemies are initially absent.

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