Blocker Plains 6.0

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Windows 7/8/Vista/XP/2000/Server
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10.33 Mb
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December 26, 2014
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Description from the Publisher

Blocker Plains is a video game with balls, ball blocker and stone-plains.

Aim from Blocker Plains is to remove the stones on the game field through touches with the rotating ball-objects quickly and to reach a high score with it in order to be accepted into the Champions-list.

To the basic attitude of the game-course, the game-levels „very easy ", „easy ", „middle", „difficult", „very difficult" and „individual" stand individually for each player as Popup-Menu points to the selection. For a fair course however only becomes this attitude to the beginning of the next round validly.

The game-level influences the size of the Blocker and the balls as well as the ball-speed, also linearly and exponentially impulsive, and the ball-gravity.

For the individual game-levels are planned the following attitudes:

  • „very easy": variable maximum Blocker-size six with variable minimal ball-speed one and maximum constant ball-size six.
  • „easy": variable Blocker-size five with variable ball-speed two and constant ball-size five.
  • „middle": variable Blocker-size five with variable ball-speed three and constant ball-size four. Constant gravity-factor two.
  • „difficult": variable Blocker-size four with variable ball-speed three and variable ball-size four. Variable gravity-factor two.
  • „very difficult": variable Blocker-size four with variable, linearly impulsive ball-speed four and variable ball-size two. Variable gravity-factor three.
  • „individual": the individually changed attitudes are taken on and remain gotten for the next round.

In order to hold the balls in the game, the Blocker can be moved with the mouse or with the cursor-buttons in all directions. The Ctrl-button makes possible more finely voted movement-steps in connection with the cursor-buttons.

With the right mouse-button, the pause - or F2-button can be interrupted Blocker Plains anytime.

In such a game-pause, the game-attitudes can be altered like for example the game-level or the sound-topic with the Popup-Menu of Blocker Plaines or this game-instruction can be called.

With the Popup-menu-item ”Start !” the blocker appears instead of the menu. The first ball immediately moves forward and must be held further with the Blocker in the game.

Task of the player is to remove the stones in an as short as possible time period through multiple touches with the balls and to reach a high score with it.

If no ball has touched the Blocker within a span of time, dependent from the ball-speed, and also no ball has left the game field appears at an optional position in the low third of the game field another ball that is tied in into the game-course.

If almost all stones of the game field are removed, the game is continued with the reached point-stand and a new stone-order for the next player.

An attempt for a player is finished if no more ball exists on the game field before the stones of the game field were removed.

When all attempts, marked as red circles in the score-rectangle, are used and the Champions-list was reached with the high score, the player can register in it with his name and a small comment to it.

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