RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder 3.8.1

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Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000/Server
MediaShock Software
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6.50 Mb
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August 15, 2014
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Play and record web radio and free online music through your computer in pure sound quality!

Have you ever wanted to record the music you hear on web radio stations? Or capture a sound with as much detail as possible? Maybe it was a great concert, baby's first words, bird calls, or a field recording for a movie, or television production. RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is your best assistant to help you record a sound in multiple formats at pro-audio resolution. RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is a streaming audio capture program which will save any audio playing through your computer to MP3, WMA, WAV or OGG format.

With this wonderful and professional audio recorder, you can easily record any sound you can hear from the microphone, line-in, streaming audio from the Internet, music played by, for instance, Windows Media Player or WinAmp, Quick Time, Real Player, DVD player, Flash, Skype conversations, sound themes from computer games, etc. You can set the recording audio quality, from a low quality taking minimal disk space, up to CD quality. On top of that, RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder comes with an internal audio editor, which you can use to slightly fresh up your recording.

It is the total simplicity and clearness that make RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder unique. It meets all your online radio playing & sound recording needs.

Search & play online radio to meet your demands

If you like to listen to free Internet Radio, Online Radio or Web Radio, then the RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is the perfect tool for you. Our recorder offers many choices and has the advantage of being free. It helps you easily search thousands of popular radio stations over the internet and then you could listen to radio programs including music, talk, news, sports, comedy and more. Just enjoy these popular radio programs and know more about the politics, culture and religion of different countries.

Record web radio for multipurpose

Want to record online radio music? Record internet radio to iPod? Record Sirius Radio online, record AM radio music, record Pandora radio music, and record BBC radio to PC? RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is also an easy and free Internet Radio Recorder which allows you to record web radio stations and broadcasts. With this type of access, recording web radio stations on your iPod or PC will allow you to never miss your favorite show.

Record any sound playing through your computer

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder can record any sound passing through any line of your sound card. For example, you can record streaming Internet audio or video broadcasts or webcasts of any kind, whether it's news, sports, music, talk radio or any other; record audio or video sounds from Windows Media Player, RealOne Player, Winamp, QuickTime, DVD player software or any other media player, games, Midi, etc.; record music CDs, LPs, tapes, microphone, telephone, satellite radio, TV and Video sounds, etc. on the fly.

Schedule recording to set start/end recording time

Want to schedule the recording of a file to start or stop at a specified time? RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder will be a smash hit. It includes an advanced recording scheduler which gives you the power to schedule recording either for a website or anything that runs on your desktop to start or stop at a certain time. Using this feature, recording are made automatically on the Once, Daily and Weekly you choose. What you just need to do is to indicate the times to start and stop the recording.

Quick Google search

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder includes a Google search tool to give you on-the-go access to the Internet information you need in less time. Select any text in your web browser and it appears in the search box, and then you'll go to a page showing you the most relevant search results, each of which includes the file name and a brief snippet with your search terms highlighted. Get your online searching quick and easy!

Manage recorded files from file list

When you finished the recording with RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder, the recorded file will be directly saved into output directory that you specified. At the same time, all of the recording is automatically displayed in the file list. In this file list window, you can manage the recorded files like playing current file, adding files to the list or copying current files to the list, deleting current files and editing current file in Free Audio Editor.

Edit audio files to create artistic music

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder directly links to Free Audio Editor so you can edit the files you have recorded. This multifunctional audio editing tool helps you visually edit your recordings and other sound files with ease and speed. Some basic editing functions such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Crop, Delete, etc. and some cool audio effects like Echo, Fade in/out, Amplify, Chorus, Normalize, Compressor, etc. are provided to create artistic music to play on music player. Unlimited Undo & Redo operations are used to correct some mistakes made during editing.

Support multiple audio formats

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder allows you to record what you can hear and save the recorded files to most popular audio formats such as WAV, MP3, WMA and OGG. Among the rest, MP3 format is the most popular audio format ever and widely supported by all platforms. It is an ideal trade off between quality and hardware requirements. Besides, a great number of high-quality stereo formats are also supported (from 32 to 320 kbps).

Automatic Gain Control

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is provided by RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder to adjust the volume of the recordings. AGC is an adaptive algorithm to increase and equal overall sound volume level. It helps you to reduce the volume if the signal is strong and raise the volume when the signal is weaker.

Voice Active System

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder has a Voice Active System with which can identify voice more clearly. A voice activated system is a hands-free, voice activated recording system. The device will hear your voice (or other sound to record) and begin recording, without having to push any buttons. With this voice recognition tool, you can choose to skip silent passages, or stop the recording after a certain amount of silence.


  • Search web radio stations to play them for free
  • Record the music which passes on web radio in streaming
  • Record songs sung by yourself to make as a cellphone ringtone
  • Record any type of audio file or media such as records, tapes, music CDs, radio, eBooks, DAT, Mini-Disc, DVD or video tape sounds
  • Advanced Recording Scheduler to automatically start and stop recording at any time you want
  • Play online TV from all around the world
  • Search online with built-in Google Search tool
  • Work well with all popular media players (e.g.. Windows Media Player, Real Audio, QuickTime)
  • Directly link to Free Audio Editor so you can edit the files you have recorded
  • Full support mutli-channel recording on loopback device
  • Digital signal processing (AGC & VAS) supported when recording
  • Real-time encoding data when recording, no temporary file created
  • Built-in player with play-list to play recorded sound or local audio files
  • Hotkey settings to quickly start or stop recording
  • Save recording to MP3, WMA, WAV & OGG
  • Manual numeric adjustment as well as presets to adjust the quality for each output format
  • Process with unmatchable speed - multi-core processor supported
  • Operate easily with the snappy interface
Users reviews & testimonials

RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder is a brilliant recorder...some of the features are really good, even i don't need but i can switch them off

Bradford Coleman

Downloaded RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder with the intention of recording short warm-ups for my band program that was in a non-downloadable format. I fell in love with the ease of operation of RadioCatch Web Radio Recorder. It helps me record anything that passes through your sound card. I have found it to be an invaluable teaching tool, and an incredible tool for sharing my own compositions with others.

Daniel S. Melbourne

Best of all audio recording software! Great for recording online radio translations and Skype call conversations. What's more, I can record my MIDI studio playing my compositions real time, and therefore do not rely on the quality of someone else's soundcard as a determining factor. Congratulations on a great product and 100% free! That combination is exceptionally rare, particularly in the music business.

Gene Waldron

I use this primarily to record phone calls. As mentioned in a previous review, the voice of the person you are speaking to is recorded with a volume that is too low when recorded. However, if you place the conversation on speakerphone and then record it, it works wonderfully!

Bernd Gravi
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