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December 10, 2005
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HyperPublish PRO is definitely the one-stop professional software for electronic document publishing, satisfying the needs of the busiest modern office. 

To create a great Web site, a multimedia / hypermedia CD or DVD, a professional product catalog or a manual with HyperPublish is really a snap... It is not only an "editor" but a quick, powerful all-in-one integrated environment for creating stunning Websites, CDs, DVDs, business product catalogues, brochures!


  • one single handy tool for several jobs: exploit the HP power for quickly creating both beautiful Web sites and (from the same work file) self installing multimedia CDs / DVDs; With: full text search, boolean search, keyword search on the CD...
  • it's easy to create business catalogs of your products and services, and also reference / parts documentation, data sheets. Descriptions, prices, pictures, attached files (e.g. PDF), built-in search feature. Fully custom, not limited by fixed layouts: can build from scratch or import from database / CSV, with automatic categories, subcategories, thumbnail images (everything can be edited after the import; infinite templates for the products pages)
  • Web or CD, it's the same thing - you can publish the same document both to the Internet and onto a CDROM / DVD, without any difficulty (no additional work required, no adaptment, changes)
  • shopping cart both on Web / CD. So your customers can fill-in an order from inside the stuff (they can print, fax or email the order form): after all, the point of having a business catalog / Website is not only to show what items you have, but to make sales
  • fully visual, no coding, so you don't need to be a programmer
  • internal automatic Internet publishing (FTP), with auto detection of modified pages; "HTML" fully compatible with all browsers (no problems for IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, etc.)
  • hundreds of functions: frames with drag & drop, mouse over intelligent images, audio, video, header and footers, styles, advanced frameset management, slides, automatic image gallery photo album, thumbnails generation, full screen capability, forms and much more...
  • you can manage a whole site / CD as a single entity / single file (you don’t need to continuously load and save pages, as you act on a whole document, even for searches and revisions);
  • the database / CSV import is a good idea also for replacing a dynamic website with a static one (reduces server load; improves search engines positioning)
  • visual Pageville / PayPal shopping cart plugin for Credit Cards on Web
  • unlimited templates, you can mix "manual" and automatic pages, everything is fully editable; a simple example is provided
  • features are important, but time is also important - HP's editing is fast: original productive interface with simultaneous browsing and editing and much more; you will get addicted!
  • handy, you can manage large works without feeling lost: visual linking, with active previews, even when you show separate windows and/or insert complex frame-to-frame links
  • main functions very similar to standard Word Processor ones, reduces learning time
  • advanced functions available for experts: yes you can insert HTML, macro (custom components) and so on, if you need...
  • link explorer; complex object search functions;
  • can link to any kind of file: PDF, DOC, AutoCAD, PowerPoint; MPEG, AVI; sounds and video;
  • supports third party plug-ins (such as 3D buttons for buttons; Gliftic for backgrounds; Repligator for effects);
  • fast and smart, runs even on an old PC with 32MB RAM; Does not require Internet Explorer; suitable for MS Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 20xx / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 and also Mac and Linux with Wine;
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